Championship mindset: Western Reserve girls stay competitive with online workouts


They're also drawing inspiration from the new Michael Jordan documentary

BERLIN CENTER, Ohio (WKBN) – The Western Reserve girls basketball team is making the most of their downtime this spring.

The Blue Devils are getting creative with various workouts, while staying connected with weekly Zoom meetings. The team watches videos together on different basketball techniques and goes over new strategies.

“I think the more videos that they’re watching, they can go out and kind of make it their own,” said Steve Miller, Western Reserve head coach.

Each week, the girls divide into teams and earn points for a variety of workouts. Through the first 25 days, Coach Miller said they’ve already completed nearly 1,300 activities.

“If somebody runs one mile, I’m like, ‘OK, well maybe I’ll run one-and-a-half then and maybe the next person runs two,'” Olivia Pater said. “So we always try to push each other to be the best.”

“It kind of stinks because depending on the weather, it kind of depicts what you can do,” Kennedy Miller said. “But for the most part, I’ve been just playing with my siblings and trying to get them to rebound for me.”

Like many basketball fans across the country, the Reserve girls have been tuning in to the new Michael Jordan documentary about his run with the Chicago Bulls. Each week, they discuss what they’ve seen.

“The one big thing I take away is his mindset. His competitive mindset all the time,” Danielle Vuletich said. “[Jordan] always wants to win and one of the quotes that I picked up from it was, ‘Winning has a price and leadership has a price.'”

Of course, these girls were born after the Michael Jordan era, so who do they think is the greatest of all time?

“I’m not a big LeBron fan because I’ve always been a Steph Curry fan,” Kennedy Miller said.

“Jordan was the best player of his time and LeBron is the best player of our time,” Vuletich said.

For these three soon-to-be seniors, their time is now. As they look to next season in a competitive Mahoning Valley Athletic Conference, rival McDonald is already on their mind.

“Not that we’re counting down the days or anything but November 30, that’s going to be round one over at their place,” Coach Miller said. “You don’t want to be losing time now because it will be here before we know it.”

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