Cardinal High School football coach part of investigation into changed and improved students’ grades given by other teachers


MIDDLEFIELD, Ohio (WJW) — The head football coach at Cardinal High School in Middlefield is the target of a criminal investigation, alleging he altered the grades of students. 

When George Gresko was hired to lead the Huskies football program in 2019, he was also hired as the Alternative Learning Supervisor at Cardinal High.

It is in that capacity that 28-year-old Gresko became the focus of the grade-tampering investigation conducted by the Middlefield Police Department.

The allegation is that Gresko used his computer privileges to change and improve the grades given by other teachers to students in the Alternative Learning Program.

Middlefield Police Chief Joe Tucholski told Fox 8, “The detective ascertained search warrants for his school computer and cell phone records to be able to go at length into that investigation, because it’s mostly computer forensics involved.”

The allegations first came to light in March when teachers at Cardinal High began to notice that grades were being changed and improved in the school computer.

In some cases, grades were being entered for exams and homework that had not yet been completed. 

We are told the alleged grade tampering began after George Gresko was warned that students under his supervision were not performing in the classroom at an acceptable level. 

Gresko’s photo and biography have been removed from the Cardinal Huskies Football website, and the board of education is now taking steps to hire a new football coach.

On Monday, the school district issued a statement that reads in part, “Mr. Gresko has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. Due to the ongoing investigation, the district is unable to comment further at this time.”

The evidence gathered from Gresko’s computer and cell phone, and statements from Cardinal teachers and administrators will be presented to a Geauga County grand jury. 

Gresko could face felony charges that include tampering with records. 

Chief Tucholski is among the parents who entrusted George Gresko as coach of their children in this small, close knit community.  “It’s difficult to be put in the middle, as a police department, as the chief and as a father, you know my kids go to school here, my son plays on the football team, it was a very unique position, so that’s why I kept myself completely out of the investigation,” said Chief Tucholski.  “It’s heartbreaking, the whole thing, I can tell you that, it’s hard on everybody because there’s kids involved, it’s always hard when there’s kids involved, you know the kids look up to him.”

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