CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – After celebrating a big win for Canfield’s football team in the stands, it was time to celebrate at home.

It’s something that’s never happened to a Canfield football team before

What was originally planned as a rally for Canfield students and staff at the school turned into a community celebration Monday morning as head coach Mike Pavlansky formally presented Canfield’s superintendent and athletic director with the Division 3 championship trophy.

Team co-captain and quarterback Broc Lowry was still savoring his final game in a Canfield uniform.

“Looking up there at 7,000 people from Canfield. Like more than half the town come to support us, It was just an emotional feeling,” Lowry said.

On Friday, the Cardinals defeated Bloom-Carroll 14-1 to claim the district’s first championship in football.

Former school principal and one-time mayor of Canfield Bill Kay calls it a proud moment for the community.

“My heart was just swelling with pride thinking about all the former players, thinking about all the community being here,” Kay said.

Pavlansky told his team on Friday to always remember who they are not just what they did on Friday.

“Not enough words to describe it on Friday afternoon. But the sun came up Saturday, and we’ve got to go back to who we are and continue to live a life that our families will be proud of,” Pavlansky said.

The coach told the crowd that the title is for the entire community.

“I’m just fortunate to be the head coach here, and people want to give recognition. It’s not about me. It’s about our kids, our community, our schools, and it takes everybody to get to this level, even if you never reach this level and you can provide a positive experience to the kids, it’s everybody involved,” Pavlansky said.