BEAVER TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – For six members of the Springfield Tigers football team, this summer provides a bittersweet moment to play together one more time.  Six Tiger teammates will participate in the 46th annual Penn-Ohio Stateline Classic all-star football game Thursday, June 23rd at Geneva College’s Reeves Stadium.  The kickoff is set for 7:00 PM.

The icing on the cake for the six Tiger players is that they get to play one last time for their beloved head coach Sean Guerriero.  Following a successful 2021 season, Guerriero was named coach of the year by the Quad County Coaches Association and rewarded with the opportunity to coach the Buckeye all-star team.

The six Tiger players include standout quarterback Beau Brungard, running back/linebacker Bo Snyder, receiver/defensive back Nick Slike, linebacker Aaron Groner, and linemen AJ Stallsmith and Zeek Worsencroft.

For Guerriero, this marks the second time he has been bestowed the honor of coaching the Ohio team in the annual contest.  Guerriero and his staff also coached in the game back in 2014.

“We lost.  So we need to redeem ourselves as a staff,” He said with a chuckle.  “It’s been fun.  I have been able to coach in the North-South game and Mahoning Valley game as part of the coaches association.  So it’s fun just to be able to get some extra time with our kids and to do some things with our staff to try to get better.”

It has only been less than seven months since Guerriero walked off the field following the Tigers’ 26-13 loss to Carey in the Division VI state semi-finals last November.  So to coach six members who appeared in two state championships and a state semi-final represents a special moment with a few key members of that tremendous run.

“The memories that I had over the past four years with these kids have been awesome,” Guerriero stated.  “So to be able to enjoy one more time with them and have six kids in a game like this is fun.  And with the other schools around with the great football players from the area, it should be fun.”

“He is a great coach and we always had a fun time,” Brungard remarked about Guerriero.  “Just to do it one last week it is really special.”

“When the season ended it didn’t sink in that it might be my last game with my teammates.  So, now it is a cool experience to get out here and play with teammates and other good athletes from around the valley,” Brungard added about playing with six teammates.

“It is really special.  One last time, especially with all the coaches too.  One last time together is nice,” Slike remarked.  “You have a comfortable level with them and you have some confidence.”

Guerriero said one of the benefits of coaching an all-star is the experience and knowledge of the players on the team.  Guerriero and his staff don’t need to go over the basics with so many football veterans on the team.

“It’s great to come to practice and we don’t have to repeat something five times.  Most of these kids are multi-year starters and two-way players, who understand the game.  Most could probably play at the next level, so it’s a great opportunity to come here where you can have a little more fun and a relaxed atmosphere for us coaches,” Guerriero said.

“I want to be able to put our kids in the best situations,” He added.  “So personnel-wise, I want to get our best eleven on the field and see what they can do with the football in their hands.  To be able to spread the ball around is the most unique thing because then you don’t have a weak spot.  That’s the fun part about picking the best of the best from the area schools.”