Browns vs Steelers: Is the rivalry dead?


Some argue because Pittsburgh holds more wins in meetings with Cleveland, the rivalry isn't what it used to be -- but others disagree

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers met for the first time this season Thursday night. The Steelers have held the upper hand over the Browns when it comes to the win column — so is the rivalry still there?

Whether you’re a Browns fan or Steelers fan, it’s no secret the rivalry between the two comes out most on game day.

“I think Steelers fans say, ‘Oh, there is no rivalry because we’re going to beat them every time,'” said Candy Larocco, of Boardman.

“But I don’t say that and I never said I hate Browns fans,” said her husband, Mario.

Candy grew up cheering on the Brownies, while Mario grew up rooting for the Steelers.

“She’s a Steelers fan now,” Mario said.

“I was born a Browns fan, but it’s really hard to be a Browns fan and be married to a Steelers fan,” Candy said.

“It doesn’t work,” Mario said.

For many others, the fandom for either team also started at home.

“My aunt is the reason I am a Steelers fan and I will be a Steelers fan forever,” said Maddie Banks, of Struthers.

But there are times when the family disagrees.

“My grandfather was always a Steelers fan,” said Browns fan Jamie Lockso, of Youngstown. “I always had to hear the crazy stories from him, but it was always a fun family rivalry.”

“I grew up in a household with a Steelers fan in it and it’s always still fun, even though we’re always on the losing end,” said Noah Goodman, of Campbell.

The Steelers have claimed 11 of the last 13 meetings. With Pittsburgh dominating the win column, some argue the rivalry is dead.

But win or lose, most fans will never let it fade.

“I think it’s gotten worse,” Maddie said. “Especially now, since the Browns are doing well. It’s definitely gotten worse.”

“It’s always intense,” Jamie said. “You have to make an argument about everything, but it’s always a good time.”

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