MINERAL RIDGE, Ohio (WKBN) – Two years into his high school cross country career, Mineral Ridge sophomore Dominic Pappagallo is two for two on State meet bids, with a PR of 15:57

“It’s satisfying seeing like seeing my time’s become faster and faster,” Pappagallo said.

But like most runners, his introduction to the sport wasn’t as natural as other sports, he learned by watching his big brother Timmy.

“When Timmy was in seventh grade, I was in fifth grade and I’d go to all his races, so I’d constantly just chase him around, yelling at him with my phones, taking pictures, screaming at him,” Dominic said. “It like allowed me to be part of the team, sort of just being at all the races so I could like see how it is in like how it works and allowed me to like get to where I am now.”.

Fast forward a few years, Dominic and Timmy both qualified and ran at state, with the younger bro taking the district championship.

“I couldn’t be prouder as an older brother, to be honest with you, sometimes people ask me, Are you jealous? Are you okay with your brother beating you? And I’m like. Of course. Like, I don’t think I’d want anybody else to beat me,” Timmy Pappagallo said.

After dealing with injuries, Timmy watched his brother get faster and faster, but in this relationship, obviously, the brotherly love far outweighs the sibling rivalry.

“I’ve watched him grow up and come into this program and flourish and it’s really nice just watching him just go out, win districts, win all these races. And being right behind him is an honor,” Timmy said.

Dominic finished 7th at the state meet, running a 16:07 5k, while Timmy finished 56th with a 17:07 5k.