YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – On Monday, Austintown-Fitch graduate Billy Price was sitting in a Las Vegas Raiders meeting. At 7:25 the next morning, he was on a plane as an offensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals.

Price says life in the NFL moves very fast.

“It’s a lot of change, a lot of carry-over. A lot of transition [to] get acclimated fast and provide value to the team,” he says.

He says he always wanted to become a businessman but realized playing professional football is a business.

“Once you get into the pros, again, I think that you can take things from each play that continue to mold your game and continue to make you smarter. Which you can anticipate, you can play better,” Price says. “Obviously, the better you play, the more money you can make.”

As Price prepares for the season, he’s also taking online MBA classes and getting ready to become a first-time father.

“I’ve got to provide for my son coming up. And it’s just a different mentality. It’s no longer about you, it’s about handling things and providing for your family, because that’s what most important,” Price says.

He says growing up around Youngstown showed him how to work hard.

“I’ve always said this everywhere I’ve gone. There’s a sense of urgency,” Price says. “I use the term grit with people from Youngstown. They have no problem getting down and dirty and doing the hard work.”

He offered some advice for young men looking to play college or pro football.

“Once you understand your goals and understand what you’re trying to do, you’re able to focus in on those items. Like, I knew I wanted to go to Ohio State. So what it took me to get to Ohio State: Make sure I took care of my school, make sure I took care of the athletic side of things with coach [Phil] Annarella.”

And according to price, nothing compares to Youngstown’s food.