2017 Big 22: Parker Sherry, East Palestine

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – Dynamic junior quarterback Parker Sherry returns after completing 54.1% of his tosses (126-233) for 1902 yards and 18 touchdowns. Sherry also ran for over 1,000-yards (1035) on 192 rushes (15 TDs).How would you describe your style as quarterback?

Everybody would definitely say that I’m a dual threat quarterback. I like to look at myself as a separate, like a two-piece kind of person. I like to look at myself as a pocket person because I can sit back there. My lineman are doing a great job, especially this year. I can sit back there, and you know, read the coverages, which have really slowed down. It’s really been easier, getting older, especially since starting as a freshman. Whenever I need to pull it down and run, whenever the coach, you know, calls a run play, I definitely feel like that I have the speed and the vision for that. So, I like to think of myself as a two-step quarterback, a pocket passer and someone who can get out there as a dual threat.Why will your offense be explosive this year?

First of all, we are returning me, Dominic and Brandon. Those are three backs that have been looked at through the area. Me and Dominic have always grew up and we have always been on the same page. I remember back to whenever we playing little Bulldogs and stuff like that, I was probably ten years old, and Dominic said, “Hey, I’ll be right behind you, if you get in trouble,” and it was a run play for me. I was like, “What? What is he saying?” What do you know, I got held up and we needed this touchdown. I looked behind me and he was right behind me. I pitched it to him and he scored. I mean, we’ve always had a connection that just, I haven’t seen that. I haven’t seen too many connections like we’ve had. So, me and him are always on the same page. And then, Brandon, ever since I got into high school, he’s been the guy I call him up to throw it in his ear if he wants too work out with me. He wants to be on the same page which, if we’re on the same page, he’s one guy that I’ve always been able to say, “Okay, I can look over at him and we just nod our heads and know what we’re doing, know exactly what we’re at.”What is the key to success for your offense?

It starts off with the offensive coordinator. Mr. Franklin has done a great job. He coaches girls basketball, too. He’s always studying, always doing film. We’ll be six months away from the season and he’ll call me. I’ll be in the class and he’ll be like, “Parker, I need you to come here and look at this.” I’ll come up there and we’ll look at it, just dissect it, and everything like that. He’s always thinking about stuff. He’ll be sitting there and he’ll text me occasionally and be like, “Oh crap. I just saw this play. The Falcons just ran and I think it would be really cool.” Just stuff like that. He’s always thinking. So that’s what originally, that’s where it all starts is him. He’s a mastermind, he really is. Even whenever they had that rough season, they still put up points. Sometimes, the defense was just lacking but that’s what we’re trying to step it up this year with that, Other than that, it”s our offensive line. Definitely, our offensive line always steps it up. The inside play, that’s where it all starts.How would you describe your offensive line?

Huge. Very fundamental. The coaches are doing an outstanding job. I mean, Clayton Murray, Jeffrey Rhodes, those two guys have really been the center of our offense. Jeffrey starts as a freshman. He’s our center. Clayton Murray is our tackle. Those guys don’t miss the weight room. They’re always in here. To have this guys in front of you, you know for a fact that they’ve got your back. No matter what you do. If they screw up, they’re going to come back and say, “I’m sorry. I”ll get it the next play.” So, I would say that they’re fundamentally sound, that they’re all really strong. None of those five guys that are up there miss the weight room.That’s one thing that’s huge, in my opinion.What quarterback did you emulate growing up?

Russell Wilson. Definitely, it’s always been Russell Wilson. I love the way that he always goes back there. I mean, I’m a shorter guy like Russell and I think we’re roughly the same height. He might be an inch taller than me. He always goes back there and whenever he goes under center, nice long drop steps and everything like that. Whenever he gets out, he’s the best at it, in my opinion. He’s the best at getting out and getting rid of the ball.What motivation is it to be chosen for the Big 22?

I work out in my basement all the time. It’s always a drive for me. I have my Big 22 poster hanging up in the basement. It’s also motivating for me because, like I said earlier, I want to be MVP. That’s been a huge goal of mine ever since I got introduced to there last year. I just want to be MVP really bad. That’s what’s been the driving force for me. One of the driving forces other than week one and stuff like that. Being able to be a part of that, it’s been a great honor.

Name: Parker Sherry

Position: Quarterback

Grade: Senior

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