Which Woody ‘Toy Story’ toys are best?

Sheriff Woody shares the stage with Buzz Lightyear as the main character in the Disney “Toy Story” series of movies. Many adventures have been encountered together since the first movie way back in 1995. Voiced by Tom Hanks, the character has received lots of recognition for his influential good personality. Naturally, Woody toys are popular among children and fans of the movies. Try the Disney: Toy Story 4: Woody and Bullseye 2-character pack if you want a great Woody toy.

What to know before you buy a Woody ‘Toy Story’ toy

There are various “Toy Story” toys out there to suit all fans. There are so many varieties, from plush toys to action figures. In the movie, Woody is an action figure that talks via a pulled string. However, when nobody is around, the toys come to life and interact together, resulting in crazy adventures and stories. 


Perhaps a Woody toy isn’t the first character from the movie you purchased. You may have any of the other characters, such as Buzz Lightyear or Mr. Potato Head. Toys from different companies may not be compatible with each other. One problem is size. Children may be disappointed with a disproportionately-sized Woody toy that may reduce the reality for anyone playing.


Age-range recommendations are there for a reason. Always check it before deciding on buying. Even when over the recommended age, consider further if your child is prone to putting things in the mouth. Small parts are choking hazards and should not be given to small children.

Character preference

Big fans of the movie will probably want as many characters as toys as they can. However, if it is the first toy owned from the film, you should take into consideration the child’s favorite character. If Woody is the child’s favorite, then proceed with the purchase. However, if the child prefers Rex or Buzz Lightyear, avoid disappointment and get their favorite first.

What to look for in a quality Woody ‘Toy Story’ toy


Woody action figures are usually sturdy plastic. Although Woody appears flimsy in the movies, his parts should be well made and robust. Action figures tend to get bashed around a lot, and it really is survival of the fittest, sometimes.


Woody is a very animated character, and any toy’s points of articulation should help represent this. Children should be able to reenact movie scenes or poses with their Woody figure with little effort. Look at the articulation points on any Woody action figure, and imagine if your child will be able to recreate scenes with it.


Action figures should always have a good level of detail nowadays, even if the toy is on the budget end of the scale. Molding and sculpting techniques are such that any Woody toy should be instantly recognizable.

How much you can expect to spend on a Woody ‘Toy Story’ toy

Simple plastic Woody toys you can find for less than $10, with talking action figures costing anywhere towards $80.

Woody ‘Toy Story’ toy FAQ

Who are the best characters to collect with Woody?

A. The other main character from the franchise is Buzz Lightyear, and any child will be delighted to have both him and Woody. If they already do, then Woody’s love interest is Bo Peep. However, he also has great friends in Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog and Rex the dinosaur. Also, he has a sibling-like relationship with the cowgirl Jessie and has a horse called Bullseye.

Will Woody remain a popular character?

A. With no official announcement of a “Toy Story 5” yet, it is unknown what the future holds for the character. Still, with the success of “Toy Story 4,” there’s no reason to assume we have seen the last of Woody. A prequel movie featuring Buzz Lightyear is set for release, so we may see the same with Woody.

What are the best Woody ‘Toy Story’ toys to buy?

Top Woody ‘Toy Story’ toy

Disney: Toy Story 4: Woody and Bullseye

Disney: Toy Story 4: Woody and Bullseye

What you need to know: This is a movie scale, 2-character pack featuring Woody and his horse Bullseye.

What you’ll love: These highly-posable action figures feature many points of articulation to help children recreate various poses from the movie. Bullseye is strong and can hold Woody on his back easily when going on adventures. The detail is perfect, and the likenesses are faithful to the movies.

What you should consider: Small parts mean it’s not suitable for children under four years old.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Woody ‘Toy Story’ toy for the money

Kids Preferred: Toy Story: Plush Woody

Kids Preferred: Toy Story: Plush Woody

What you need to know: Young children have got a friend in this plush Woody suitable for all ages.

What you’ll love: This plush toy will be a cherished item for young children that like stuffed toys. You can collect Woody along with other “Toy Story” characters. He stands at 15 inches tall and is machine washable. 

What you should consider: It’s a plush toy, so Woody doesn’t talk or pose.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Disney: Woody Talking Action Figure

Disney: Woody Talking Action Figure

What you need to know: This classic-looking Woody figure will appeal to all fans and displays features from the movies.

What you’ll love: Just like the real Woody, you can pull a string on his back to hear phrases. This figure is compatible and will swap words with other “Toy Story” interactive action figures detected nearby. The detail in Woody’s attire is excellent, and his friendly personality comes through nicely in the facial details. 

What you should consider: The quotes that Woody repeats are from “Toy Story 4,” and his classic quotes from the original movie are missing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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