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Which Minecraft sword toys are best?

The sword is one of the most important tools in Minecraft. It is the player’s first line of defense against creepers and zombies. It can also slice through vines and cut grass. The sword has become an iconic symbol of Minecraft. It is also popular for cosplay and Halloween costume props.

If you’re looking for the best Minecraft sword toy, the Minecraft Light-up Adventure Sword is the top choice. Not only does it resemble the in-game Minecraft sword, but it has lights and sounds that help elevate the player’s experience.

What to know before you buy a Minecraft sword toy

The in-game Minecraft sword

In the world of Minecraft, the sword is an essential piece of equipment. Players use it to battle other mobs, zombies, creepers, skeletons and all sorts of monsters. It can also be upgraded from wood to Netherite, the strongest type available. Because of its iconic look and importance in the game, the Minecraft sword is a hugely popular toy among players.

Don’t forget the batteries

Some swords are electronic and require batteries to operate. The batteries may only be required for sound effects or lights. These can help bring the toy experience to life. 

Pair with other tools and costumes

The Minecraft sword can be fun on its own, but if you really want to sell the fantasy, pair it with other tools and even a full costume. Consider finding a full Minecraft set of armor or a shield to match the sword. When you put it all together, it makes for an awesome costume.

Recommended for 4 years and up

Minecraft swords are mostly harmless, but accidents can still happen. The Minecraft sword toys are recommended for ages 4 and up, as they will be able to wield it with more care and consideration. 

What to look for in a quality Minecraft sword toy


Look at a photo of an in-game Minecraft sword before choosing a toy. An avid player might be disappointed to receive a sword that looks nothing like the game version. The sword comes in different colors, such as blue, gray or yellow, but be sure they are the right shades and shape.


Children are likely to swing the toy like an actual sword against walls, people or other toy swords. Try to find one that is made from durable, solid materials and can last through wear and tear. If the toy breaks after just one hit, it’s not worth buying. 


Even though it’s a toy, a swinging object has the potential for injury. Though the in-game version is pixelated and doesn’t look sharp, a real-life version could potentially do some damage if not used properly. Instruct users to have fun, but play safely.

For younger children, consider purchasing a Minecraft sword toy constructed of material that is durable, but still soft enough not to seriously hurt anyone, like sturdy foam.

Additional features

Although a simple sword can be fun for children, extra features can make the experience even more fun. Some swords have special lights that change color and sound effects that resemble those of the different in-game swords. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Minecraft sword toy

Expect to pay as low as $15 for the most affordable Minecraft sword toys. If you’re looking for the best of the best, you may have to spend up to $65.

Minecraft sword toy FAQ

Can the swords be used for play fighting?

A. It depends on the type of material used in the sword. As long as the ‘blade’ is made of a relatively soft and durable material, like foam, then it is safe for mock battles when used responsibly.

What can Minecraft swords be made of?

A. Depending on the specific toy and manufacturer, Minecraft sword toys are typically made of foam, plastic, latex and vinyl.

What are the best Minecraft sword toys to buy?

Top Minecraft sword toy

Minecraft Light-up Adventure Sword

Minecraft Light-up Adventure Sword

What you need to know: Not only does this sword resemble the original Minecraft sword, but it lights up and sounds like it, too!

What you’ll love: It comes with a mini game involving mobs and the lighting system.

What you should consider: This sword is battery-powered, which may run out over prolonged use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top Minecraft sword toy for the money

Minecraft Transforming Sword Pickaxe

Minecraft Transforming Sword/Pickaxe

What you need to know: This two-in-one toy can switch between the Minecraft sword and the pickaxe.

What you’ll love: The mechanism for switching between the sword and pickaxe is quick and simple.

What you should consider: This sword is made of hard plastic and should be played with responsibly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Minecraft Dungeons Deluxe Foam Roleplay Sword

Minecraft Dungeons Deluxe Foam Roleplay Sword

What you need to know: This life-size sword is inspired by the design used in Minecraft Dungeons.

What you’ll love: The sword is made of foam and has authentic sound effects, making it ideal for safe, yet immersive play.

What you should consider: The sword has a slightly different design from the iconic sword in the original Minecraft game.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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