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Which toy lawn mowers are best?

Toy lawn mowers are great for kids who like to help around the house or enjoy spending time with their parents outside. You can start teaching them responsibility or involve them in yard work while keeping them safe. Not only can they push a toy mower alongside their older family member, but they can also use it to play house. 

Toy lawn mowers can be serious and realistic, or cute with additional fun features such as bubble blowing. If you’re looking for a bright and colorful one for your kid, check out the Lydaz Bubble Mower.

What to know before you buy a toy lawn mower


The toy lawn mower you choose for your child should be suited for their age and height. It shouldn’t be too challenging for them to push. Not only should you consider what the right size is for them, but how serious your child is as well. Some toy lawn mowers are made to look like a smaller version of the real thing, while others are more fun and colorful than realistic. If your kid wants to be just like their parent, they’ll likely appreciate a more authentic one. 

Existing toy collection

Toy lawn mowers can be a great addition to your child’s outdoor toy collection. You can look for one that matches well with their other toys, or focus on what features would bring them the most enjoyment. For example, if they already have a bubble blower, they may not need this in their toy lawn mower as well. Make sure you clear their outside toys out of the way before use so they don’t get run over and ruined by your kid’s new lawn mower.


If you don’t have a standard lawn or grass area for your kid to push a mower on, make sure you check the specs of the product before buying. Not all toy lawn mowers roll well on gravel or sidewalks. Some can be torn up or ruined by rough terrain. Before you buy, note if they’ll only be able to play with it inside. If this is the case, consider if you want to avoid features such as sounds or bubbles to make it more suitable for interior use. 

What to look for in a quality toy lawn mower


Many toy lawn mowers are made to make realistic sounds when pushed, such as engine or mechanical noises. Some even have lights. These can bring a lot of enrichment and enjoyment to your child’s playtime, but they can be irritating if they’re consistently playing with it inside. 


Some toy lawn mowers function as bubble blowers as well when pushed. These bubbles can be clear or colored and range from slow to fast emission. These often come with bubble solutions so your kid can get started as soon as they take it out of the box. It shouldn’t leak or cause a mess, though this is less of an issue when playing outside, unless you’re very particular about your grass.

Ease of use

The toy lawn mower you choose for your child should be light enough to push and easy for them to maneuver. It should also be simple to take apart or collapse to store when not in use, especially if you like to take it to the park with you. Many toy lawn mowers need batteries to power their features, while others are designed to be easier to use with no batteries required. 

How much you can expect to spend on a toy lawn mower

Toy lawn mowers cost $25-$50, depending on the size and quality of the toy as well as how realistic it is. 

Toy lawn mower FAQ

At what age can children use a toy lawn mower?

A. Most children at least 2 years old are able to push a toy lawn mower. Younger children who have just started to walk may need help or supervision when playing. Make sure the child you’re buying for can at least steadily walk.

How do you clean bubble-blowing toy lawn mowers?

A. It’s incredibly easy to clean a bubble-blowing lawn mower. Just wipe it out with soap and water and let it air dry. You can clean the exterior the same way if it gets dirty or muddy. 

What are the best toy lawn mowers to buy?

Top toy lawn mower

Lydaz Bubble Mower

Lydaz Bubble Mower

What you need to know: Lydaz offers a bright push mower with realistic sounds and automatic bubbles. 

What you’ll love: This toy mower is easy to assemble and push. It comes with bubble solution and sticks. It’s flexible and simple to store. It works on the sidewalk as well. It produces a lot of bubbles. 

What you should consider: There’s no closure for the bubble solution, so it spills out. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy lawn mower for the money

Sunny Days Bubble N Go Toy Lawnmower

Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble-N-Go Deluxe Toy Lawn Mower 

What you need to know: A no-batteries-required, bubble-blowing toy lawn mower is a simple and fun way to go.

What you’ll love: You can buy it on its own or with included bubble solution. It’s easy to assemble and makes realistic sounds. It has rugged tires to go over rough terrain without a problem. It’s safe and simple to use. 

What you should consider: It leaks bubble solution. You have to push it to get any bubbles out, which can be difficult for younger kids. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Husqvarna Toy Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Toy Lawn Mower

What you need to know: For something closer to the real thing, check out this highly realistic toy lawn mower with accurate sounds and lights. 

What you’ll love: This toy lawn mower is a great way for kids to feel like they’re helping with yard work. It’s easy to push on grass, concrete and even gravel. It’s part of a larger collection of realistic yard work toys. It’s well-made and long-lasting. 

What you should consider: It’s more expensive than other models. Some customers experienced the handle repeatedly falling off. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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