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Which ‘My Hero Academia’ action figures are best?

Anyone can become a hero! That’s the inspirational message that “My Hero Academia,” an anime TV series that first aired in 2016 and became a phenomenon, shares with kids worldwide. 

If you’re a fan of the series or know a young person who is, there are plenty of quality action figures that would be excellent additions to any collection. A top choice is the McFarlane Toys Deku and Bakugo Action Figures, a set of two poseable toys that look just like the characters do in the show. 

What to know before you buy a ‘My Hero Academia’ action figure

What is ‘My Hero Academia’? 

“My Hero Academia,” which can be seen on Hulu, started out as a manga series in 2014 before becoming a hit cartoon. Set in a world where a majority of humans are born with special powers called “quirks,” the story follows Izuku Midoriya (also known as Deku), a boy born with no superpowers. With a dream to become a hero, he enrolls in the top academy, U.A. High School, to join the fight against evil.

For collecting or playing?

Every action figure is not the same. Before you buy, ask yourself who you’re buying it for and why. If you love “My Hero Academia” but aren’t interested in playing with toys, you’re likely better off getting collectible figures with detailed artwork and interesting displays. If you want action figures that can be used as toys to play with, then you should prioritize finding a figure with articulated joints that’s also durable. 


The best action figures for playing have joints that move but that aren’t too stiff or loose. When a product says that it has a certain number of articulating joints, that means it can bend and hopefully keep whatever shape you pose it in. However, the more joints it has, the greater the chance that it will be flimsy. If a figure has many articulating joints, but is sturdy enough to not break at any of those joints and none of them are loose, you’ve found a high-quality product.

What to look for in a quality ‘My Hero Academia’ action figure

Replaceable parts

Good action figures come with replaceable hands and faces in order to have different expressions and make action scenes more believable. Some also come with stands and particle effects that can be used to recreate battles.


When you position your action figure in a certain way, the arms, legs and neck need to hold their position in order to capture cool poses and create imaginative scenes. In order to do that, the figure needs to be balanced, have well-fitted joints and look good in different poses. There are all kinds of things that can impact how poseable a figure is, from the accessories and stands to the different expressions or replaceable hands or faces it comes with.


Figures normally feature different kinds of stands and backdrops. These act as ways to hold your hero in place in a certain pose so you can set the scene without them falling over all the time. Sometimes these display pieces also come with particle effects, so that you can see the electricity bouncing off Deku or the explosions emanating from Bakugo.

How much you can spend on ‘My Hero Academia’ action figures

If you’re just buying an action figure, it’s likely that you will spend about $20-$25. If you want a figure for display, the best ones will cost anywhere from $50-$100.

‘My Hero Academia’ action figure FAQ

Which ‘My Hero Academia’ character is the most popular?

A. That’s up for debate, but the main character is the meek yet hardworking Deku. His rival is Bakugo, a fiery personality who used to bully Deku but has since found new respect for him. There’s also All Might, the former number one hero and teacher at U.A. High School, who chooses Deku to succeed him.

What is the difference between figures and action figures?

A. A figure doesn’t have moveable parts but has a fixed pose. The art is higher quality and more accurate and will be heavier. An action figure isn’t meant as much for display and so has moving joints that make it more fun to play with.

What are the best ‘My Hero Academia’ action figures to buy?

Top ‘My Hero Academia’ action figures

McFarlane Toys Deku and Bakugou Action Figures

McFarlane Toys Deku and Bakugou Action Figures

What you need to know: These two figures have detailed shading and are accurate portrayals of Izuku and Bakugo. They’re able to stand on their own and bend their bodies in many ways.

What you’ll love: Each figure has 22 points of articulation, making them really easy to pose in unique positions.

What you should consider: Some customers have reported weak shoulder joints.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top ‘My Hero Academia’ action figure for the money

McFarlane Toys Deku Action Figure

McFarlane Toys Deku Action Figure

What you need to know: This Deku figure comes with two expressions and wears the costume he had in season one. 

What you’ll love: This Deku comes with multiple different parts and even some visual effect lightning.

What you should consider: Customers have reported stiff limbs out of the box that need to be broken in with heat before posing or else risk breaking them off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

McFarlane Toys All Might and All-For-One Action Figures

McFarlane Toys All Might and All-For-One Action Figures

What you need to know: These 7-inch figures of the heroic All Might and the villain All-For-One stand on their own and come with bonus content.

What you’ll love: Both of these figures appear as they did during All Might’s final confrontation with All-for-One. The villain’s arm has been augmented by many different quirks, turning it into a monstrosity.

What you should consider: All-For-One already has no features on his face, but the All Might figure’s face isn’t very detailed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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