Which firehose dog toys are best?

Firehose dog toys are a popular and durable alternative to traditional plush toys. They are made from the same woven material as real firehoses, which makes them tough and able to withstand pressure. While not as sturdy as heavy-duty chew toys, firehose toys can have long lives as superior fetch toys that your dog will love. Firehose dog toys come in a wide variety of designs and sizes, but the Bull Fit Dog Bite Tug Toy is a reliable and high-quality option.

What to know before you buy a firehose dog toy


No dog toy will last forever, but firehose products are significantly stronger and more weather-resistant than plush toys and similar options. The rubber lining and woven firehose material are sturdier than standard polyester, which makes firehose toys awesome for supervised play and games of fetch.

Despite their strength, it should be noted that firehose toys are not designed to be unsupervised chew toys. The seams of firehose toys are susceptible to tearing, making dedicated chew toys a better option if you need to occupy a dog that aggressively plays for long periods of time.

Style and color

Firehose dog toys come in a multitude of designs and colors. Bright colors are popular, but there are more muted options as well. Many toys use multiple pieces of firehose to create a design modeled after animals, such as birds, foxes and frogs.


Remember your reasons for buying a firehose toy. If you want to play fetch with your dog, make sure your toy is small enough to be easily thrown. Frisbee firehose toys, which you can easily throw, are also great for fetch. If you’re hoping to play tug-of-war, handles or straps allow for a better grip.

What to look for in a quality firehose dog toy

Stitching quality

Seams are the most vulnerable parts of any dog toy, and many customers report their firehose dog toys coming undone at the seams. This is why strong stitching is essential. You can check the quality of a toy’s stitching yourself if you plan on purchasing in a store, but those shopping online should always look at the provided pictures and customer reviews to ensure a toy’s stitching is tight and secure. Many high-quality firehose dog toys advertise double-stitched seams, which have an added row of stitching that increases the toy’s durability.

Number of seams

When it comes to durability, a small number of seams is preferable. More elaborate designs with multiple pieces of firehose may be attractive, but they have more stitches your dog can tear. If you have longevity in mind, be on the lookout for simple designs with a limited number of seams.


Many firehose dog toys come with at least one squeaker. Squeakers encourage dogs to play with the toy, especially when the toy is new, but it’s not uncommon for dogs to pierce or crush a squeaker before the toy itself shows significant wear. Still, squeakers can add to your dog’s excitement over the toy, and most firehose toys continue to be used after the squeaker breaks. Some squeakers are more durable than others, and certain toys come with multiple squeakers.

Handle or strap

While firehose toys aren’t sturdy enough for intense games of tug-of-war, they can be great for gentle tugging sessions with your dog, and a handle makes tugging far easier. It’s most common to find toys with a handle on one end of the toy, but this can lead to your dog chewing and tearing the stitches on the opposite end. Two-handled toys are less popular, but some customers prefer them because you can grip the toy with both hands while your dog chews at the middle of the toy as opposed to the edge. Because the seams are less likely to tear, two-handled toys are long-lasting.


One size does not fit all dogs when it comes to firehose toys, but there are options for dogs of all sizes. Smaller options can be shorter than 8 inches, while bigger toys can be more than 27 inches long.

Smaller toys are better for playing fetch and giving to smaller breeds, but they may be underwhelming for particularly large dogs. Larger toys can fit multiple squeakers and tend to have greater longevity, as dogs will be less likely to chew at the seams of a big toy. However, larger toys aren’t great for fetch, and small breeds won’t get much use out of a toy longer than 20 inches.

How much you can expect to spend on a firehose dog toy

Firehose dog toys generally fall into the $5-20 price range, although a few large options are more expensive.

Firehose dog toy FAQ

What’s the difference between firehose and other materials?

A. The main advantage to firehose material is its durability; firehose toys are usually sturdier and longer-lasting than comparable products. However, there are some disadvantages. While less slippery than leather or suede, firehose can be slick compared to other materials. This means dogs won’t be able to get a comfortable grip as easily as with materials such as French linen. Firehose is also harder on enamel than French linen.

Do firehose dog toys contain stuffing?

A. Yes. Firehose toys contain varying amounts of stuffing. This is part of why it’s important to supervise play, as you don’t want your dog to eat the stuffing if the toy is torn.

What are the best firehose dog toys to buy?

Top firehose dog toy

Bull Fit Dog Bite Tug Toy

Bull Fit Dog Bite Tug Toy

What you need to know: This extra-durable toy comes with two handles for easy tugging.

What you’ll love: At 11.8 inches long, this toy is great for medium and large breeds. It’s built tough, and customers have been impressed with the durability and strength. The two handles are perfect for gentle games of tug-of-war that won’t lead to torn seams.

What you should consider: There are no squeakers, and it’s on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top firehose dog toy for the money

Outward Hound FireHose Dog Toss & Fetch Toy

Outward Hound FireHose Dog Toss & Fetch Toy

What you need to know: This low-cost toy is popular and reliable.

What you’ll love: This simple Outward Hound toy comes in three sizes, with the smallest being 7.5 inches long and the largest being 11.5 inches long. The durability is fantastic for the price, and the double-stitched seams add to the longevity. It nicely floats in water and includes a squeaker.

What you should consider: It is a very simple option and the lack of a handle means it’s not ideal for tug-of-war.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Firehose Dog Toy Frisbee

Firehose Dog Toy Frisbee

What you need to know: This customizable toy is perfect for fetch.

What you’ll love: This firehose frisbee is perfect for throwing thanks to its simple and sturdy design. It comes in single- and double-stitched options so you can choose how much durability you need. Three squeakers can be added at a very small price increase.

What you should consider: The size and lack of handles mean that tug-of-war will be difficult, and it’s not as attractive as some more colorful options.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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