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Which mounting tapes are best?

Hanging pictures and treasured items on the wall can be a painstaking chore. And it can be especially tedious if you need to ensure you don’t damage your walls with nail holes or screws. However, double-sided tape has made decorating your space a much less frustrating process. Finding the right mounting tape for your needs may depend on a few different factors. You’ll want to think about where you plan to use mounting tape, what you will use it for and how much weight it needs to hold.

For the utmost in weight capacity, this Gorilla Heavy-Duty Mounting Tape is a great all-weather option for mounting a variety of materials, and it comes at a cost low enough to make it worth your while.

What to know before you buy mounting tape


Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to think about how you plan to use your mounting tape. While sealing up boxes with packing tapes is fairly straightforward, mounting things on a wall requires a little more consideration. If your mounted objects are too heavy for the tape, they may fall down unexpectedly. You should also consider what surface you plan to mount things on and if there will be any exposure to extreme temperatures or damp conditions.

Object weight

When using mounting tape, the weight will be the most important factor to think about since different mounting tapes feature differing strength levels. Most mounting tapes note how much weight they can manage, as well as a weight-per-length rating, which will help you figure out how much tape to use.

Object depth

It’s also important to read the full product description of your mounting tape, especially since many tape models don’t support mounting objects beyond a certain depth. Deeper objects may present a leverage issue that mounting tapes can’t accommodate, so it’s crucial to think about an object’s height, width and depth before deciding which mounting tape is best.

What to look for in a quality mounting tape


Finding a mounting tape that is strong enough to accommodate the weight of your object is key. Most mounting tapes can handle between 10-80 pounds of weight, but this may depend on the size of tape, including width and length.

Length and width

Mounting tapes will also vary in their overall lengths and widths, so you can pick out sizes depending on your needs. In general, mounting tapes may vary in width from 0.4 inches to as thick as four inches. You will also want to think about the width of the item you wish to hang or mount, so you don’t accidentally expose some of the mounting tape or create an overlap.

Indoor vs. outdoor mounting tape

You may also want to contemplate if you need mounting tape that can withstand extreme temperatures or weather. Weatherproof mounting tape will work both inside and outside, while other mounting tapes can only handle indoor tasks and on interior surfaces.

How much you can expect to spend on mounting tape

Mounting tape is fairly inexpensive, and in many cases, a roll of affordable mounting tape costs as low as $5. Bulk sets and all-weather mounting tapes will likely cost between $10-$20.

Mounting tape FAQ

Is mounting tape double-sided?

A. In most cases, yes, mounting tape is double-sided. This allows the tape to bond with the wall as well as with the object you want to mount. The dual-sided adhesive ultimately binds the object to the wall.

How do you remove mounting tape?

A. Getting mounting tape off walls and other surfaces can be tricky. If you can’t pull the mounting tape off with your hand, you may need to use an adhesive remover or physical tools like putty knives. However, be careful and take your time to ensure you don’t damage the wall.

What are the best mounting tapes to buy?

Top mounting tape

Gorilla Heavy-Duty 1-Inch Thick and 120-Inch Long Double-Sided Mounting Tape

Gorilla Heavy-Duty 1-Inch Thick and 120-Inch Long Double-Sided Mounting Tape

What you need to know: This double-sided mounting tape is an excellent option for hanging all kinds of items. It offers a fast-bonding adhesive and carries up to 60 pounds of mountable weight.

What you’ll love: This mounting tape is one-inch thick, offering one pound of mounting weight with every two inches of its length. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and it comes in single packs, four-packs or 12-packs.

What you should consider: Many people who used this tape found it pulled paint off the walls.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top mounting tape for the money

Scotch Indoor 3/4-Inch Thick and 350-Inch Long Double-Sided Mounting Tape Mega Roll

Scotch Indoor 3/4-Inch Thick and 350-Inch Long Double-Sided Mounting Tape Mega Roll

What you need to know: From one of the most iconic tape brands out there, this double-sided mounting tape is 3/4-inch thick and comes in a long roll of about 29 feet.

What you’ll love: This mega-roll of mounting tape is super affordable and great for interior applications. It can handle one pound of weight capacity every four inches, and it’s particularly useful on finished wood, drywall, metal, tile, acrylic and glass.

What you should consider: You should not use this tape outside.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Scotch Indoor 1-Inch Thick and 125-Inch Long Double-Sided Mounting Tape

Scotch Indoor 1-Inch Thick and 125-Inch Long Double-Sided Mounting Tape

What you need to know: Another Scotch product, this double-sided mounting tape is an inch thick and works well on painted walls, ceramic tile and wood surfaces.

What you’ll love: It can hold up to 15 pounds of weight every 45 inches of tape, and it works especially well on painted walls. It also works fairly well on other interior surfaces.

What you should consider: Some users noticed the adhesive became less effective over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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