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Which ‘The Thing’ poster is best?

Still wondering if certain family members have been consumed and copied by an arctic extraterrestrial creature? You can celebrate the 1980s science-fiction horror film “The Thing” by adding a poster to your home decor. From official movie posters to humorous artistic interpretations, there are a lot of fun options. Our top pick is a replica of the original movie advertisement, Posters USA’s The Thing Movie Poster.

What to know before you buy a ‘The Thing’ poster


You can find this information in the product description or a drop-down menu close to the “add to cart” or “buy now” button. Some posters are available only in one size, while others have several options. If you want a standard-size movie poster, look for a poster that is 27-by-41 inches. This is the most popular size and the one collectors purchase most often. 


While you don’t have to frame your poster, even an inexpensive frame can significantly improve the look of a poster on your wall. You can acquire these just about anywhere, including big box stores and craft stores. Remember you need to include the border when searching for a correctly sized frame. The borders prevent any of the original image from being cropped while maintaining a standard set of dimensions. The measurements include the total size paper on which the image appears, so purchase a frame that includes the border in the size.


It can be tricky to find a good place to hang movie posters. They usually don’t easily fit in with the rest of your home’s decor. A few good spots might be your home office, game room or home movie theater. Sometimes, kitchens can be a good room if they are closed off to the rest of the house. If you really want to center your love of movies in your decor, be bold and try creating a gallery wall of movie posters in your living room or hallway.

What to look for in a quality ‘The Thing’ poster

Official movie poster

The most popular choice in “The Thing” movie posters is the original. This classic 1982 poster features a faceless figure in a snowsuit with light shining from where the face should be. The figure is silhouetted against an icy backdrop.

Artistic interpretation 

Unsurprisingly, “The Thing” has inspired artists to do their own versions of the movie poster. You can find several versions that showcase different characters, locations and scenes from the movie. These employ styles and colors different from the original poster.


If you are looking to celebrate a more humorous look at the movie, there are some posters available that teleport the Thing into other comic and movie worlds. A hilarious version of this is the Thing devouring the Peanuts gang.

What you can expect to spend on a ‘The Thing’ poster

Expect to pay $10-$20 for a “The Thing” poster.

‘The Thing’ poster FAQ

What should you use to hang your poster?

A. This depends on if you are planning on framing your poster or sticking it directly on the wall. Posters are fairly light, even when framed. For a framed poster, use a simple picture-hanging hook and nail. If you want to hang your poster directly on the wall, it is best to use some sort of sticky putty. This will save your paint and your poster from damage. Make sure the putty you use is removable.

How do you store a poster without damaging it? 

A. The easiest way to store posters is by rolling them up and placing them inside a cardboard tube. This keeps them from being crushed. Avoid taping the end because it is easy to rip the paper when removing the tape later.

What’s the best ‘The Thing’ poster to buy?

Top ‘The Thing poster

Posters USA The Thing Movie Poster

Posters USA The Thing Movie Poster 

What you need to know: This poster is perfect for anyone wanting the original movie poster. 

What you’ll love: The poster will look great in a home office or theater room. The glossy photo paper is high quality, and a protective tube keeps it protected during shipment. You can order the poster in two sizes: 16-by-24 inches and 24-by-36 inches.

What you should consider: A few customers reported receiving a different size than they ordered.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ‘The Thing’ poster for the money

Reelznpages New Giclée Art Print of 1982 Movie Poster

Reelznpages New Giclée Art Print of 1982 Movie Poster

What you need to know: This art print is great for any science-fiction fan wishing to show off their love of “The Thing” with a bold piece of art.

What you’ll love: The poster is a collage of the characters from the movie drawn in comic-book style. The icy blue coloring with the selective splashes of red make for a striking image that will look great on any wall. The seller offers many sizing options and posters ship in protective packaging.

What you should consider: Depending on which size you order, some posters have a white or black border. This ensures you get the complete image without any cropping.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out 

ScreamPrintStore Thing and Peanuts

ScreamPrintStore Thing and Peanuts

What you need to know: This artist collaboration between the Peanuts” and the Thing makes for a humorous piece of wall art.

What you’ll love: It features an image of the Peanuts gang fighting a battle with the Thing. The extraterrestrial creature has already ingested Snoopy, Woodstock and others. The poster is the size of an album cover and on gloss stock paper.

What you should consider: This poster comes signed by the artist, and you’ll have to let them know if you do not want yours signed. The sizing on this poster is rather small.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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