Which textured throw pillow is best?

We spend a lot of time considering the color and style of our throw pillows, but one often overlooked quality that can make a pillow stand out is texture. Whether you’re going for a monochromatic look but still want visual appeal, or you want a modern vibe in your living spaces, choosing throw pillows with distinctive fabrics is one of the best ways to inexpensively dress up your rooms.

If you’re looking for a textured throw pillow that fits your budget and your decor, try the Oake Chunky Knit Decorative Pillow.

What to know before you buy a textured throw pillow

Colorful or monochromatic

It is possible to create a varied look all with one color. The key is adding texture. A series of cream pillows — one in a knobby fabric, a second in a Mongolian sheepskin and the last in a distinctive weave — will give your eye something to play with while also reaping the benefits of peaceful, single-color design.

But texture doesn’t need to be relegated to modern single-color decor. You can add texture and color together for a pop that draws the eye. If you opt for this route, choose one or two accent colors to pull your design together.

Cleaning method

Texture often means chunky, easy-to-catch fabric — often wool and other materials that can be a challenge to wash. If you’re shopping for a high-traffic area, look carefully at what it will take to keep your pillows clean. Avoid dry-clean-only throw pillows in homes with young children and pets. 


Textured pillows are versatile and can add some drama to both classic and modern design sensibilities. Rough, bumpy fabrics look great paired with sleek, modern styles, while a woolly pillow adds some dimension to more classic decor. Whether you like a shabby-chic living room or a modern monochromatic bedroom, think about the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

What to look for in a quality textured throw pillow

Matching your colors

A rough rule of thumb in any room is to have one or two main colors, such as navy and white or brown and cream, plus an accent color. Pillows can fall into the main color category but can also do a lot of heavy lifting in the accent color category.

A pair of bright yellow textured accent pillows with a vase of a matching hue on the coffee table can be all you need to add a fun pop of color to your navy and white living room. In a shabby-chic bedroom decorated in soft whites and pinks, a chunky blush pillow can add a cozy feel.


Just because a pillow is cool to look at doesn’t mean it has to be rough or uncomfortable. If you’re shopping for a spot where the pillow will get lots of use (like a couch pillow you’ll want to rest your head on or a bed pillow), be sure to check for softness. If you want a pillow that will mostly serve a decorative function, then feel free to get a bumpy, less skin-friendly fabric.

Pillow size

Texture is one way pillows please the eye, and a logical sizing scheme is another. The eye seeks symmetry, so buy couch pillows in pairs. Place the biggest ones on the outer edges and the smallest ones near the center. On a bed, you can work from biggest in the back (think big, square European pillows) to smallest in the front (think neck roll pillows).

How much you can expect to spend on textured throw pillows

On average, a good textured throw pillow with insert will run in the $30-$60 range. If you’ve got good inserts, lower your costs by buying just the pillow cover.

Textured throw pillow FAQ

What are popular fabrics for textured throw pillows?

A. Wool lends itself to dramatic texture, either from thick weaves or cozy knitting. Canvas pillows also often come with interesting cording or weaving. Chenille is always a good choice for adding texture (it can be made of wool, rayon, cotton or even silk). Matelassé pillows (those with elaborate stitching) can be a good way to add texture to more classic design. 

How often do I need to replace my textured throw pillows?

A. The answer to this depends on several factors. First, how washable is the cover fabric? If it’s made of a material that can easily be popped in the washing machine, then your pillow can have a long life. Secondly, how often do you rest your head on the pillow? If it’s getting regular wear, you need to wash it no less than once or twice a month. If that’s not possible, replace it at least once a year.

The one exception to this is Mongolian sheepskin, which can be spot-cleaned but not washed. Reserve pillows like these for places where they won’t get soiled. 

What’s the best textured throw pillow to buy?

Top textured throw pillow

Oake Chunky Knit Decorative Pillow

Oake Chunky Knit Decorative Pillow

What you need to know: Nothing says cozy like a chunky knit pillow. Great in any room, the texture is homey and blends well with many styles.

What you’ll love: This gives you the classic look of a knit pillow with something of a twist on the traditional cable knitting. The wide knit stripes add texture. It’s available in a range of warm and cool colors to fit most decor.

What you should consider: Although it’s labeled machine-washable, wash it with special detergent formulated for wool and dry it flat, not in the dryer.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top textured throw pillow for the money

Faycole Morocco Tufted Throw Pillow Case

Faycole Morocco Tufted Throw Pillow Case 

What you need to know: This modern geometric throw pillow adds dimension to a couch or bed without adding visual clutter. It will add a touch of boho to your style. 

What you’ll love: The tassel corners give it a touch of whimsy, and even the raised portions of the design are soft and touchable.

What you should consider: It is affordable because it’s just the cover without the insert, so be sure to measure your existing insert for a perfect fit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rizzy Home Blue Vertical Stripe Transitional Throw Pillow

Rizzy Home Blue Vertical Stripe Transitional Throw Pillow

What you need to know: Add texture and fun to your room with this eclectic pillow.

What you’ll love: The irregular vertical stripes add visual height without being too regimented or stiff, creating a unique accent.

What you should consider: This only comes in beige with pops of blue, so if you aren’t looking to incorporate blue into your style, this may not be the one for you. 

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s


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