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Which outdoor wall art is best?

A lot of us only consider interior design when decorating our homes, but what about all the outdoor spaces that could also be pleasantly spruced up and stylized? It’s time to give some attention to the front porch or back deck of your home. And some quality outdoor wall art is a great way to transform a plain-old outdoor space into something cozy and exciting. 

Make your home more inviting and enjoyable with the top choice for outdoor wall art, Metal Solid Mounted Medallion Hand-painted Wall Decor 30″x30″

What to know before you buy outdoor wall art

Hanging methods

Any outdoor wall art will need to be hung in some way or another. Consider what hanging options are possible on the exterior walls of your home. Some command strips are designed to hold up to outdoor weather but they may or may not stick to the siding of your house. You can also find some durable double-stick tape designed to withstand the outdoors, but they may not hold heavy items. In some cases, you will need to nail your wall art up which can damage your walls. 

Weatherproof features

When choosing outdoor wall art, it’s tempting to go for whatever catches your eye first but you want to be careful when purchasing certain materials. Outdoor art is going to be exposed to the elements — both sunny and stormy days — so you want to make sure it can hold up against inclement weather. Hot sun, freezing temperatures and rain are all in store for your outdoor wall art. Make sure it won’t rust or decay. You also don’t want it to blow away in the wind. So choose durable, weatherproof and UV-resistant pieces and install them with care.

Get creative

Outdoor wall art doesn’t have to fit in any type of design box. Let your imagination run free. While you can purchase metal decorations, you can also decorate with hanging plants or bird feeders. Experiment with driftwood, customized signs or even outdoor wreaths if you want to. Browse local garden shops or home decor stores for art that catches your eye. Find an aesthetic that attracts you and then mix and match pieces until you’ve developed the look you love.

What to look for in quality outdoor wall art

Thrives in the sun

Consider Mother Nature when choosing the best, highest-quality outdoor wall art. Your art may be sitting in the direct sun for the majority of its existence so it’s important to choose something that thrives there — or at least, that doesn’t decay or fade. A lot of native plants do well in the sunshine, so consider ways to hang plant art outside. Certain metal art and other decorations can also do well if properly treated.

Resistant to rain damage

Be wary when choosing metal wall hangings for your outdoor designs. Make sure that metal art is treated to prevent rust and corrosion since you don’t want lines of rust dripping down your siding after the rain. If a piece of art doesn’t come treated to withstand the rain, you can always purchase a product to seal it yourself.

Consider beauty and function

While you want to enjoy looking at your outdoor wall art, a great way to improve the space is to consider function in your decorations. For example, a large, outdoor-safe timepiece is a great way of killing two birds with one stone. A fancy clock can look decorative and attractive — either on its own or when paired with other decorations. It’s also highly functional. Bird feeders, plants and even wind chimes are other great ways to decorate your exterior walls while serving other purposes. 

How much you can expect to spend on outdoor wall art

Art of all kinds varies widely in price, so you can expect the same out of outdoor wall art. Anything from $10 for a small decor piece to $1,000 for an intricate set is normal.

Outdoor wall art FAQ

How do you decorate outdoor walls?

A. However you want! Make sure you consider the material of the exterior wall since some materials are harder to decorate. It helps to choose wall art made for the outdoors to ensure it lasts.

How do you hang things outside without nails?

A. Command strips or hooks designed to endure the outdoors are some of the best ways to hang art outside while avoiding nails. You can also find some double-sided tape, brick clips for brick walls or vinyl-siding hooks. Make sure the place you wish to hang your art is properly cleaned before attaching a wall hanging.

What’s the best outdoor wall art to buy?

Top outdoor wall art

Metal Solid Mounted Medallion Hand-painted Wall Decor 30"x30"

Metal Solid Mounted Medallion Hand-painted Wall Decor 30″x30″

What you need to know: This is the perfect outdoor wall hanging for anyone wanting an elegant, rust-proof decoration to their porch or back deck.

What you’ll love: Made out of high-quality, rust-free metal, this unique wall-hanging medallion will add character and antique charm. It comes hand-painted and ready to hang. The sizable dimensions will fill a large wall that you’ve been struggling to fill. 

What you should consider: You may need to hang this medallion with nails since its 5-pound weight will overpower most command hooks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top outdoor wall art for the money

Custom Metal Signs

Custom Metal Signs

What you need to know: A great way to add charm and personality to an outdoor wall is with a customized metal sign displaying your family name.

What you’ll love: Handmade from heavy-duty, 16-gauge steel, this customizable metal sign is a perfect statement piece. A powder-coated finish helps it retain durability and weatherproof features. Choose your dimensions and give your name at checkout for easy, accurate ordering.

What you should consider: This item is handmade and can take a few weeks to be delivered.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

25 in. Steel Bronze Sun Decorative Wall Art

25 in. Steel Bronze Sun Decorative Wall Art

What you need to know: If you want a classic, sunny medallion to decorate your outdoor walls, this bronze sun delivers the appearance you desire. 

What you’ll love: This sunshiny outdoor decor piece is perfect for patios, fences, front porches and gardens. With a 25-inch diameter, it will fill a wall, adding beauty and warming charm. Choose between a bronze or black finish to elicit the appeal you prefer.

What you should consider: The hook hanging on some products may be slightly off-center, creating a tilt to the sun that some users find distracting.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot


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