Which Batman lights are best?

In the comic books, the Bat-Signal is beamed into the sky to get Batman’s attention whenever there is trouble in Gotham City. Nowadays it has become a popular bedroom light. But, of course, there are other types of Batman lamps as well.

One of the best is the Warner Brothers Batman Stick Lamp, an excellent lamp for doing homework or reading comic books.

What to know before you buy a Batman light

Any child or fan loves to get Batman toys as a gift. Bedroom decorations, such as wall posters, bed sheets and lamps, are also a great choice. Any true fan will love to have their room kitted out in Batman decor. Yet, when focusing on lights, you need to consider a few things before making a purchase.


Attention should be paid to why you will use a Batman light. Is it a night light to help little ones get a sound sleep or a desk light to do homework or reading? It could be purely decorative to illuminate your room in cool Batman designs, or it could even be a Bat-Signal for use with action figures. The brightness will vary between each type, so careful consideration should be paid before purchasing.


Different lamps require different power sources. Some Bat-Signals or night lights may run on batteries. 3D LED lights may be powered by a USB cable, while ordinary desk lights will need to be plugged into a socket. Make sure you know how the light is powered and be prepared for it with the correct cables, power points or batteries.


Batman, aka The Dark Knight, comes in many different iterations, from his early comic book version to the camp ‘60s TV show look and on to the rugged modern movie appearance. Matching the era of Batman to the person the lamp is for might provide more joy.

What to look for in a quality Batman light


Bat-Signal replicas must feature the Batman logo at the center, and it could also project the icon onto the wall. Desk lamps may feature the recognizable logo somewhere, and night lights could feature an ambiently colored logo design. Still, both could also feature the Dark Knight himself, other characters from the franchise or even a Batmobile.


Desk lights should be bright enough to light up an area of a room well so children can get on with any activity. Night lights should not be bright and emit just enough light to see in the dark. They should have a brightness function to see better when necessary, as should all decorative lights.

Bulb type

LED lights are more expensive upfront than regular incandescent bulbs. However, they will prove to be cost-effective because they will last much longer. They are also energy-efficient and produce 95 percent light, whereas incandescent bulbs produce just 10 percent light, with a whopping 90 percent heat. See the difference in your electric bill.

How much you can expect to spend on a Batman light

Some mini Bat-Signals that can also be used as toys can be very budget-friendly. However, those seeking an actual light will be looking at the $25-$65 range. Finally, premium lamps can be found for as much as $150.

Batman light FAQ

What type of lamp will a Batman fan prefer?

A. Again, it all depends on why you are buying the lamp. Suppose the child needs a light to do homework. In that case, a desk lamp decorated with Batman icons will make the lamp more appealing. However, as a gift, cool decorative Batman lights will appeal to children and fans alike and go that little further to transform any bedroom into a homage to their hero. 

What other characters from Batman are suitable as a lamp theme?

A. Batman is the most straightforward character to find, but other characters can be found with a bit of effort. This decorative Joker light-up wall hanging will please fans of Heath Ledger’s character from the movie “The Dark Knight.” Other characters’ lamps that can be found on the market are the Riddler, Catwoman and Batgirl, to name but a few.

What’s the best Batman light to buy?

Top Batman light

Warner Brothers Batman Stick Lamp

Warner Brothers Batman Stick Lamp

What you need to know: This stick lamp is a simple desk light good for reading comic books in bed or doing homework decorated in the Bat logo.

What you’ll love: This moderately priced desk lamp has a convenient pull chain for easy use. The sturdy base makes it suitable for use on any desk, dresser or table. In addition, it is lightweight and portable, so it can be transported to other room areas when necessary.

What you should consider: The necessary 40-watt light bulb must be purchased separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Batman light for the money

Batman 3D Illusion Smart App Control Night Light

Batman 3D Illusion Smart App Control Night Light

What you need to know: This Dark Knight light will create a colorful ambiance in any dark bedroom.

What you’ll love: The featured app can control this 3D Batman light. It can change color in time to music or just move along at various choices of speed settings. It is powered by AA batteries or the included USB cable.

What you should consider: Some buyers of 3D lights expect a hologram, but the 3D is an illusion on a flat panel that works best in the dark. What’s more, batteries are not included.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

DC Comics Justice League Batman Table Lamp

DC Comics Justice League Batman Table Lamp

What you need to know: This lamp can be used as a night light, table lamp or mounted wall light and will be loved by fans of all ages.

What you’ll love: The trademark Bat-Signal design features the black bat against a vivid yellow. The adjustable brightness means that the ideal tint can be found in any room. It’s 15.7 inches wide and comes with a table stand and wall mount included.

What you should consider: It’s at the pricier end of the scale for a Batman light.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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