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Which magnetic spice jars are best?

Magnetic spice jars are a convenient way to store spices. These items can be placed on any flat metal surface and can be used to store other multipurpose items around the house. Magnetic spice jars are lightweight, compact and convenient and provide stylish decor for the kitchen. They can be labeled and can be bought in different styles, shapes, and materials. Before purchasing a magnetic spice jar, consider how many jars come in a set, what the item is made with and if it can be labeled. 

If you are looking for a durable set of magnetic spice jars that come with labeling gear and the option for a metal attachment board, the Bekith Magnetic Spice Tins are the top choice.

What to know before you buy a magnetic spice jar


Magnetic spice jars come in sets of different quantities. Before purchasing magnetic spice jars, consider how many spices you will need to contain and how much room you have for the spice jars. Users that require a lot of storage for their spices should search for magnetic spice jar sets in large quantities, while those looking to showcase fewer spices can save money and purchase a set of fewer spice jars. The quantity of the spice jars sold in a set will be listed in the products description. 


Before purchasing a magnetic spice jar, consider how it will match your decor and which material is the most durable for your needs. Magnetic spice jars made from glass will be more fragile than stainless steel or aluminum jars. On the other hand, spice jars made from metal will be less fragile but more likely to rust than a glass option. In contrast, plastic jars will not be as durable, and some items are not made with food-safe plastic to store the spices. 


Labeling is very important to consider when purchasing magnetic spice jars. Jars that come with their own labeling equipment will provide the most convenience for those using the spice jars. Some jars will be shipped with stickers that allow the user to write on the sticker and stick it to the spice jar to distinguish the spices from one another. The most modern spice jars will feature a chalkboard lid that lets the user write the name of the spice aesthetically. The best spice jars come with pre-made labeling of spices so that the user does not have to worry about labeling. 

What to look for in a quality magnetic spice jar

Sift control 

A quality magnetic spice jar will allow the user to control how much spice is sifted out of the jar. The best jars come with adjustable lids so that those sprinkling the spices get to choose how much comes out at a time. This feature saves the user from over or under-seasoning in fear of lack of control of the lid. 

Clear lid

The best magnetic spice jars are designed with clear lids. Clear lids allow anyone using the spices to see the contents of the spice to distinguish it from other spices. If the spices are accidentally mislabeled or not labeled at all, clear lids will help users identify the spice quickly.  

Secure closure 

Magnetic spice jars with secure closing lids will provide optimal use for those looking to keep their kitchen clean and organized. Items with secure closing lids will be easier to transport from place to place, and the user will not have to worry about the spice falling out, as it is attached horizontally to another appliance. 

How much you can expect to spend on a magnetic spice jar

The best magnetic spice jars will cost anywhere from $20-$50, depending on what the jar is made from, how many jars are included in the set and the labeling features. Items that come in a large quantity with the tools necessary to label will be priced higher. 

Magnetic spice jar FAQ

What are the benefits of purchasing a product with a metal board? 

A. Magnetic spice jars that are available for purchase with a magnetic board help organize the items all in one place and allow for the jars to be placed somewhere other than the stove or refrigerator. Metal boards that come with the tools to install them will give the user control over where the spice jars are placed. 

What surfaces can I place my magnetic spice jars on? 

A. Magnetic spice jars can be placed on any flat metal surface. However, most prefer to attach their magnetic spice jars to a magnetic board that comes with the jars, the stove, refrigerator or the grill. The spice jars should be placed wherever they have the best grip and are most convenient for the user. 

What are the best magnetic spice jars to buy?

Top magnetic spice jar

Bekith Magnetic Spice Tins

Bekith Magnetic Spice Tins

What you need to know: These magnetic spice jars are lightweight and are made with durable aluminum. They come in a pack of 20 and feature a clear top lid so that users can see the contents of the spices. These spice jars can also hold other small multipurpose items such as batteries, screws and more.

What you’ll love: The lid allows you to break down the spice to sift or pour, and it features a sturdy snap closure. This magnetic spice jar set comes with 120 labeling stationery so that users can tell the spices apart. The labels allow users to create their own names and also come with prewritten spice names. These items are compact and easy to store, and the lid conveniently twists off when it is time to add spice to the tin. Users can connect these items to refrigerators, countertop appliances and grills, among many other surfaces.

What you should consider: This item only comes in one color, and some users experience trouble with the lids sliding off.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top magnetic spice jar for the money

Beeyoka Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Jars

Beeyoka Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Jars

What you need to know: These spice jars come in a pack of 12 and the holes are designed to prevent rusting. The jars are made with durable stainless steel and can be purchased with a base that serves as a place for all spices to be placed collectively. These spice tins will stick to any kind of flat metal. 

What you’ll love: These spice tins come with an adjustable release of spices that allow the user to control how much spice is released each time. Each lid is designed clear so that the user can see what is in the lid and be able to store any small item in the jar. 

What you should consider: These items are advertised with glass lids, but the lids are actually plastic. Users have trouble with the magnetics working effectively when spices are added to the jar.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LJ Brighten Up Life Living Joy Strong Magnetic Spice Jars

LJ Brighten Up Life Living Joy Strong Magnetic Spice Jars

What you need to know: These spice jars are made with glass, and the lids are able to be written on as a chalkboard for labeling. Users can purchase the jars in quantities of six or 12 with a magnetic plate.  

What you’ll love: The glass bottles are intricately designed, and they come with the tools needed to label and set up the board. The board is able to be mounted onto the wall, and the spices can be placed anywhere with a flat metal surface. In addition, these items are lightweight and are compact to save space when stored in the cabinet. 

What you should consider: Spices are not included in the price. The jars are not dishwasher-safe and fragile due to their glass make.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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