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Which budget breathable crib mattress is best?

Breathable crib mattresses are so important. Even if your child rolls onto their stomach while they’re asleep, they’re able to breathe through the mattress. This decreases the risk of suffocation and allows you to put your mind at ease while your child sleeps. The Bundle of Dreams Breathable Crib Mattress is a great breathable crib mattress for any parent on a budget.

What to know before you buy a budget breathable crib mattress

Types of mattresses

There are a couple different kinds of crib mattresses, including innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses. Innerspring crib mattresses have springs or metal coils at the core. They also have padding layers made of polyester or foam surrounding the springs to keep them from digging into your child. Foam crib mattresses, on the other hand, are more comfortable and lightweight. These kinds of mattresses are also more likely to be breathable.

New vs. used

Crib mattresses should also be bought new rather than used since there is a correlation between using used mattresses and a higher risk of SIDS. Used mattresses might also include mold spores, which can be harmful to your baby.


It’s safest for your child to sleep on a firm crib mattress to decrease the risk of SIDS.

What to look for in a quality budget breathable crib mattress


Your child’s crib mattress needs to fit properly in the crib with zero gaps between the edge and the mattress.

Organic materials

Some mattresses are composed of organic or natural materials. This can be helpful if your child has sensitive skin, breathing issues or allergies.


You should make sure that the mattress you choose isn’t too heavy, since you need to be able to lift it easily to put in fresh sheets.

How much you can expect to spend on a budget breathable crib mattress

Budget breathable crib mattresses vary in price from about $80-$200, depending on the material, quality and features of the mattress.

Budget breathable crib mattress FAQ

Should you select a breathable crib mattress that has a waterproof cover?

A. There will be some diaper leakage from time to time at night unless your baby wears magic diapers, which is why it can help to have a waterproof cover. But you shouldn’t be too concerned if the mattress you select doesn’t include a waterproof mattress cover. You can always buy a waterproof sheet to go under the regular sheet on the mattress.

Are all breathable crib mattresses flame-resistant?

A. All crib mattresses need to meet specific flammability standards, according to United States law. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore all of the other fire precautions, but it should give you some peace of mind.

Which safety measures should you take concerning your child’s sleeping arrangements?

A. It’s crucial to give your baby a safe sleeping environment to reduce the risk of SIDS or suffocation. First, you should make sure that the crib mattress fits correctly with zero gaps between the edges and the mattress. Make sure to buy a firm crib mattress that’s new rather than used. You should also be careful with the crib bedding and make sure that the sheets are the appropriate fit and won’t pop off of the crib mattress.

You also shouldn’t cover your baby with any loose blankets. Instead, you should either choose a baby sleeping bag that fits properly or securely swaddle your baby. You also need to remove any of the bumpers from the edge of the crib. You need to lay your child down to sleep on their back, rather than their side or stomach, with their feet at the bottom side of the crib. Finally, you should never use a pillow or allow your child to sleep with a soft toy or a blanket.

What’ the best budget breathable crib mattress to buy?

Top budget breathable crib mattress

Bundle of Dreams Breathable Crib Mattress

Bundle of Dreams Breathable Crib Mattress

What you need to know: This versatile and breathable crib mattress is ideal for both toddlers and babies.

What you’ll love: This mattress is reversible with both a soft, supportive side and a firmer side. The cover is composed of soft, organic cotton and is simple to take off for cleaning.

What you should consider: This product is not completely natural, since the fill of the mattress includes polyester.

Where to buy: Sold by buybuyBaby

Top budget breathable crib mattress for money

GRACO Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress in a Box

GRACO Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress in a Box

What you need to know: This mattress is solid, simple and just as comfortable as more expensive options. 

What you’ll love: This product holds its shape over time. It’s also supportive, firm, comfortable and made of breathable foam. The mattress also comes with a water-resistant, washable and removable polyester cover for easy cleaning.

What you should consider: This product ships compressed and needs up to two weeks after arriving to expand fully.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

L.A. Baby Natural Two-in-One Crib Mattress with Coconut Fiber

L.A. Baby Natural Two-in-One Crib Mattress With Coconut Fiber

What you need to know: This mattress features an appealing price point, a durable construction and quality organic materials.

What you’ll love: This two-in-one model for toddlers and babies comes with inner springs for amazing support. The product is made with a combination of natural materials, including coconut fiber, bamboo and organic cotton. These don’t have any offensive smells or contain harsh chemicals.

What you should consider: This product doesn’t include a cover like other products on the list.

Where to buy: Sold by buybuyBaby


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