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Which baby boots are best?

There are plenty of adorable clothing pieces you can buy for your little one that will make them the most stylish kid on the block. But even if your tot hasn’t started walking yet, investing in well-made footwear should still be on the top of your shopping list. Baby boots are perfect for any child learning to walk.

The best kind will have flexible, nonslip soles and sturdy ankle support. Be on the lookout for the right pair that is supportive and durable like Hudson Baby Cozy Fleece Booties.

What to know before you buy baby boots

Shoe size

Not only is finding the right size more comfortable for your tot, but it will encourage the right amount of healthy foot development. Leaving some extra room for their feet to grow into the new pair and conducting a toe test should aid you well on your shopping journey.

The proper way to accurately measure your baby’s feet is with a ruler or a legible size chart. These printed charts have shoe size markers where you can place your baby’s feet. Often, a shoe brand will have a chart corresponding to the shoe sizes it makes. Always cross-compare the measured size and the brand’s baby shoe size chart so that you can ensure the size is 100% accurate.


Whether you’re looking for boots to match a particular outfit or just want an everyday pair, you should always consider the design. Some will feature prints with animal faces and unique patterns. 

The best kind of boot design will help protect your baby from stubbed toes, broken toenails, splinters, and other injuries, even when they are running around the house. Crocs, sneakers with Velcro straps and flip-flops will not be very durable and can slip off causing injuries. Make sure to avoid this kind of impractical design.


Though the main purpose of baby boots is to keep baby feet snug and warm, there are plenty of other reasons to invest in a quality pair. As your baby grows older, they will want to wander around on their feet more. Boots with a well-made tread will be a great choice since it helps prevent slipping, while also protecting their feet.


Baby boots, like other kids boots, are available in a variety of materials. Many baby boots may not be all that different from baby socks, while others are sturdy enough to double as shoes. Decide what to purchase based on your unique needs and the baby’s age.

Most brands craft their shoes from soft leather, fleece or cotton. This makes them flexible, comfortable and easily washable. If the material that baby shoes are made from are not flexible enough, they can rub uncomfortably against the skin or cause blisters. Consequently, it’s very important that each pair molds perfectly around your child’s feet.

What to look for in quality baby boots


The exact fit of a baby’s first pair of boots should be a priority, regardless of whether your child is walking yet. Keep in mind whether the baby has enough room to move their toes in the shoe’s toe box. If the design is too narrow, it prevents the baby from being comfortable while wearing them.

The right fit and size of your baby’s booties can be determined by your baby’s age in months, so a size 3 will mean that a shoe can fit a 3-month-old. However, depending on the shoe’s designer, sizing can sometimes not correspond with the exact age of your child. Always take into account the price, comfort and style when choosing the right pair.


Most baby booties’ outer material and lining are usually made from soft fabrics such as fleece or cotton. This means your baby will still be able to wiggle their toes without them being constricted. Many parents will invest in soft-sole shoes for their baby’s first pair, which will ultimately protect their feet thanks to their flexibility and skid-resistant soles.


Every mom and dad knows that it’s hard to keep tiny socks on a baby’s little feet. Getting a pair of shoes that are easily accessible like Velcro, soft ties or elastic bands is a better option. These types of closures will make it a lot easier for you to slip your kid’s shoes on and off without a hassle.

Bootees that feature the typical high-top silhouette or hard sole work best if you plan on bronzing them later on for a nice keepsake for the family. Avoid any baby shoes that boast of arch supports, special inserts, or reinforced heels unless your baby’s pediatrician recommends them for your child. 

How much you can expect to spend on baby boots

The majority of baby boots will go for around $15-$50, depending on if you choose a generic or designer brand. Some retail outlets may also have a nice pair available to purchase that has been donated to a thrift store or baby clothing resale shop.

Baby boots FAQ

Q. Should you buy baby shoes before your child takes their first steps?

A. You can, but you probably shouldn’t. It’s best to ensure that your little one masters balancing indoors before they begin to explore outdoor spaces on their own. Learning on safe flat surfaces that won’t cause damage to their feet is the most ideal since you can let them walk around barefoot without worrying.

Q. When is the best time to buy your kid shoes?

A. Wait to get your kid’s first pair until they’re capable of taking a few steps without stumbling. Shoes with hard, inflexible soles should be avoided since they cause children to have a harder time learning to walk.

Q. What is a good alternative to hard sole baby boots?

A. A nice pair of quality socks or booties with nonskid soles are the best alternative to shoes with harder ones. When your baby does start to walk, make sure to pick out a pair that is lightweight, flexible and well-fitting. Avoid hard or stiff shoes that prevent feet movement.

What are the best baby boots to buy?

Top baby boots

Hudson Baby Cozy Fleece Bootees

Hudson Baby Cozy Fleece Bootees

What you need to know: Each pair is versatile, cozy and super comfortable thanks to being made from a soft and plush fleece-polyester blend.

What you’ll love: Gentle on your baby’s skin, these booties are perfect for everyday use and feature a cozy fabric lining that retains heat very well. The pair also are very durable and won’t wear down even with frequent use and washing.

What you should consider: Some parents mention that once the shoes are delivered, they are not the ones pictured online and sizing is off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baby boots for the money

Meckior Velvet Rubber Anti-Slip Sole Shoes

Meckior Velvet Rubber Anti-Slip Sole Shoes

What you need to know: The premium suede upper meets every single child’s clothing safety standard and won’t irritate your children’s skin.

What you’ll love: Each pair features a nonslip rubber sole that will help your tot adjust well to walking, especially on hard surfaces. The fur lining will keep your baby’s toes warm and dry by wicking away excess moisture while also leaving enough room for their feet to grow.

What you should consider: The shoes feature laces so they will require tying, which may not work well for your baby if they have wiggly feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

UGG Unisex-Child Bixbee Ankle Boot

UGG Unisex-Child Bixbee Ankle Boot

What you need to know: Choose from six different furry styles in colors like amphora, navy, vanilla and ribbon red. These boots also feature a faux suede outer sole and cozy inner lining that will keep little tootsies warm.

What you’ll love: These booties can easily be washed in cold water either by hand or in the washing machine. The pair also has an easily adjustable hook and loop closure.

What you should consider: Parents report that pairs can run small and don’t look well made in person. The outer material is also known to shed some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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