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Which baby shower caps are best?

During bath time, it can be tricky to keep water and shampoo from getting into a baby’s eyes or ears. However, even the gentlest of shampoos can cause minor irritation or pain when it comes into contact with their eyes. And, even though this irritation is usually temporary, it can make bathing your child challenging or stressful — for both of you.

For babies who are prone to ear infections, water in the ears can also exacerbate this problem. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a reliable baby shower cap, such as the Ysmango Kids Shampoo Cap, to protect your child’s eyes, ears and face.

What to know before you buy a baby shower cap


The number one purpose of a baby shower cap is to provide protection. Many young children dislike having things on or near their faces and eyes. For some infants, bath time can be a scary or uncomfortable experience since they’re not used to the sensation of the water. This is why, along with a shower cap, a baby bath toy is essential to improving bath time and making it more fun for everyone.

Besides acting as a shield, a shower cap for your infant is versatile enough for use outside the bath. It’s a great accessory to bring along if you want to protect them from the water or sun while at the pool or beach.


Most shower caps are recommended for babies who are at least 6 months old. Some are suitable for children up to the age of 4 or 5 as well. A few caps are also designed for young, school-aged children.


The great thing about these shower caps is that they’re more than just practical — they’re also fun. Caps with a wide rim create a waterfall effect for the baby to watch or play with while you bathe them. Some caps have a creative design, such as a crown or a duck face along the brim, that can entertain slightly older children. Bendier shower caps are also fun for babies to play with in the tub.

If you want another way to engage with your child outside of bath time, you can even attempt to wear the shower cap yourself. Depending on the design, it could easily entertain your child.

What to look for in a quality baby shower cap


Shower caps usually have an inner and outer diameter, but the inner measurement is the most important one since it’s the one that’ll let you know if the cap will fit your child’s head. Most of these caps are between 34 to 60 centimeters, or roughly 13.3 to 23.6 inches, in diameter, meaning they’ll fit most babies’ heads.

Before getting one, use a flexible tape measurer to measure the circumference of your baby’s head to get a rough idea of which size to choose. If the cap is too large or too small, look for another sizing option or product. Some caps are adjustable, which allows for long-term use as the child grows.


Most shower caps for babies have a similar design. They have a visor in the front and a back section that holds the visor in place. The visor is made to catch any falling water from the child’s head and keep it a good several inches from their eyes and face. Some visors allow water to flow in streams, while others are flat so the water can fall in a solid sheet.

A lot of baby shower caps also have ear flaps to keep water and soap from the child’s ears. These flaps will either fold over the ears or form a flat shield, similar to the visor. There are also themed shower caps that look like animals or a crown. These options are still functional, but with the bonus of being cute or entertaining.

Besides that, these caps typically come in bright or pastel colors like blues, greens, pinks and yellows.


Since they’re designed for infants, these shower caps are generally constructed from soft, flexible materials such as EVA foam, silicone or polypropylene. These materials are durable, heat resistant, water-resistant and, in most cases, reusable. Another common material, and a safe alternative to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE).

Even though these materials should be safe and non-toxic, always double-check the product details before purchase. Along with this, check for any rough or sharp edges in the cap’s design to make sure it won’t hurt your child’s skin.


Straps are necessary for keeping the shower cap in place during use. A popular strap design is one that features a series of holes and a pin you can insert to adjust the size and fit of the cap. Another common option is one that uses Velcro that connects both sides together. Some caps use buckles or have an elastic band instead. Make sure the straps are secure enough to keep the cap in place and prevent excess water from getting between it and the child’s face, but not so tight that they put undue pressure on the child’s head.

How much you can expect to spend on a baby shower cap

Most of these shower caps cost $8-$15.

Baby shower cap FAQ

Are there any alternatives to caps for bath time?

A. If your baby is responsive and enjoys being in the water, then consider getting them a pair of age-appropriate swimming goggles. These will protect their eyes without blocking water from reaching the rest of their head.

What are some common issues with baby shower caps?

A. Every baby is different, so some will not like wearing a shower cap during bath time. Another common problem is sizing. It’s easy to choose the wrong size or to pull the straps too tight. Some straps can also pull a baby’s hair if you’re not careful when putting the cap on and taking it off. Besides this, some caps are more aesthetic than practical in design, so they won’t block water and shampoo as well as they should.

What’s the best baby shower cap to buy?

Top baby shower cap

Ysmango Kids Shampoo Cap

Ysmango Kids Shampoo Cap

What you need to know: Along with being cute in design, this multifunctional shower cap does a great job at keeping water from flowing into the eyes or ears.

What you’ll love: This duck-themed cap consists of soft, flexible silicone and is highly durable. It features an adjustable strap that is resistant to falling off during use.

What you should consider: It can be tricky to adjust it to the right size at first.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baby shower cap for the money

Ewin (R) Four-piece Baby Shower Cap

Ewin Four-piece Baby Shower Cap

What you need to know: This option comes with four adjustable shower caps, making it ideal for those who have several young children or want to alternate between them for bath time.

What you’ll love: These soft, elastic caps come in pink, blue and yellow. They consist of EVA foam and are heat resistant. Each cap also has an adjustable strap, so they’re convenient for larger head sizes or growing infants.

What you should consider: The caps only accommodate babies with a maximum head size of 54 centimeters.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Fusacony Baby Shower Cap Shield

Fusacony Baby Shower Cap Shield

What you need to know: Made for 6-month-old babies and older, this baby shower cap has a fancy, adorable crown design that easily prevents water from getting into the eyes.

What you’ll love: Stretchy, soft and reusable, this cap is durable for long-term use. It has an adjustable silicone safety buckle for easy size adjustments based on the wearer’s head.

What you should consider: The clip is a little difficult to open.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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