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Which square lampshade is best?

Sometimes you need to replace a lampshade but can’t find the original. Sometimes when you’re shopping for a new lamp, you find yourself adoring the base but cringing at the lampshade. Sometimes new lamps don’t come with a lampshade at all. Shopping for a fitting lampshade, even after narrowing it down to square-shaped lampshades only, can be an exhausting process.

Alleviate that burden quickly by considering the Royal Designs, Inc. Square Cube Bell Lampshade. This square lampshade uses top-quality materials and comes in many colors and sizes.

What to know before you buy a square lampshade


Once you’ve settled on a shape of lampshade, in this case, square, the lining is the next most crucial aspect to purchase. The lining will dictate how much light from the lightbulb makes it through the material. Thicker linings block more light, making for better accent lighting, while thinner linings allow more light, making them better for maps intended to increase visibility. 

In addition, some linings can be colored similarly or differently to the main material to change the color of the light.

Fitter types

The fitter of a square lampshade refers to how a given lampshade attaches to a lamp base. They come in three varieties: Spider, UNO and clip-on.

Spider: Spider fitters use three or four metal prongs, which come off the frame of the lampshade, that rest on top of a lamp harp. The lamp harp, a typically metallic or wire-like loop surrounding the light bulb, can come with the lamp or be purchased separately.

UNO: UNO fitters are similar to spider fitters in that they also utilize a few prongs which come off the frame. The difference is that UNO fitters rest beneath the bulb instead of above it, directly on the bulb’s socket.

Clip-on: Clip-on fitters are exactly as they sound like, clipping on directly to the light bulb. Most clip-on fitters are shaped and designed to clip onto the average shape of a light bulb (narrow base and wide, globe-like head), but you can find clip-on fitters for almost any shape of light bulb.

What to look for in a quality square lampshade


Like all lampshades, square lampshades can be a surprisingly large variety of materials. Most square lampshades are made from cotton, silk, linen and even burlap. Parchment square lampshades are also popular thanks to their ability to be painted on or otherwise customized. Some square lampshades are even made entirely of metal.


Square lampshades aren’t always solid colors. They can come in just as many designs as lamp bases. This can be anything as simple as striped or two-tone square lampshades to something as complex as a metal lampshade in the shape of tree branches. Look long and hard enough, and you can find some truly outstanding designs to impress your guests.

How much you can expect to spend on a square lampshade

Like any other shape of lampshade, square lampshades are available in a wide range of price points. Most square lampshades start around the $30-$50 area but can quickly reach costs of around $100 or more.

Square lampshade FAQ

How do I know what size square lampshade I need for my lamp base?

A. Finding the right size is the most essential part of square lampshade shopping as the wrong size can dwarf or overpower the lamp base and throw off your room’s vibe. Luckily all you need is a ruler and some basic math. Start by measuring the widest portion of your lamp and then double that number to find the appropriate width size for your square lampshade. Then measure the height and use two-thirds of that number for your square lampshade’s height.

What situations do pleated and smooth lampshades look best in?

A. As with all things design, the only thing that matters is whether you like the look or not. That said, most typically find pleated square lampshades to provide an older and rustic touch to a room, while smooth lampshades are found to be more modern and minimalistic.

What’s the best square lampshade to buy?

Top square lampshade 

Royal Designs, Inc. Square Cube Bell Lampshade

Royal Designs, Inc. Square Cube Bell Lampshade

What you need to know: This square lampshade has a touch of curviness to it for those who don’t like the blockiness of straight-edged square lampshades.

What you’ll love: This square lampshade is available in seven color options and 12 sizes. The frame used a thicker than usual metal for increased durability, and the Shantung exterior fabric is hand-tailored for an elegant look. It uses a spider fitter compatible with most lamps.

What you should consider: There are some reports of this square lampshade arriving at consumers dirty, especially in the seams. Not all colors are available in all sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top square lampshade for the money

HomeConcept Square Drum Lampshade

HomeConcept Square Drum Lampshade

What you need to know: A low-cost, perfectly square lampshade that’s compatible with many lamps

What you’ll love: This square lampshade is available in three color options: white, black and textured oatmeal and it uses a clip-on fitter type to attach directly to most average light bulb shapes. A slight lip on the upper and lower edges gives this square lampshade a little extra form.

What you should consider: The 6 by 6-inch size is small enough to be aesthetically challenging to use on any, but the smallest lamps and some consumers noted that the color was slightly off from what was expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out Rectangle Lampshade Rectangle Lampshade

What you need to know: This is an excellent rectangular square lampshade for those who want some extra width without going too far into the rectangular territory.

What you’ll love: This rectangular square lampshade is available in five color options: black, navy blue, white and burlap natural or burlap off white. This rectangular square lampshade uses a spider fitter for wide lamp compatibility, and the brass frame adds a small but elegant touch.

What you should consider: This rectangular square lampshade is one of the priciest options available, with some colors costing more than $100.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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