Which plyo box is best?

Plyo boxes are an excellent option for training, whether you’re an MMA fighter, a crossfitter or a competitive athlete, and can help increase your endurance and speed and improve your balance and coordination. Plyo boxes were traditionally platforms or boxes with graduated heights, but they now come as nesting sets, adjustable heights and construction with safe materials. 

The Sunny Health & Fitness Three-in-One Foam Plyometric Box is a first-class plyo box due to its durability, portability and slip-resistant surface.

What to know before you buy a plyo box


Also known as jump training, plyometrics is a kind of athletic training that people of all different sports and fitness backgrounds add to their workout routines. Plyometrics refers to rapid stretching workouts that can boost balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance and speed over time.

Learn how to do plyometrics

Plyometrics involves doing burpees from squatting positions, and your body fully extends when you jump before you return to a bent or crouching position. This kind of high-impact training rapidly stretches and contracts muscles, and you’re typically sore after performing plyometrics.


There are several common kinds of plyo boxes, including adjustable platforms, nesting or stacking sets and single boxes.

What to look for in a quality plyo box


There are a few different common materials for plyo boxes, including metal, foam and wood.


There isn’t a traditional height range for plyo boxes, but taller boxes are about 30 inches tall, while shorter boxes are about 10-12 inches tall. These platforms typically increase in about 4-inch increments, so you should keep this in mind when buying a set of plyo boxes.


The landing surface of most plyo boxes has grippy details or textured pads to keep your feet from sliding around. Also, there are usually some traction details at the feet or base of many plyo boxes to keep them from slipping away from you when you land.

How much you can expect to spend on a plyo box

Plyo boxes vary in price from around $60-$300. The most inexpensive plyo boxes cost about $60-$100, while midrange plyo boxes range in price from about $100-$200. High-end plyo boxes go for at least $250.

Plyo box FAQ

Can children use plyo boxes?

A. Inexperienced jumping can lead to injury, which is why it’s not the best idea for children to use plyo boxes. That said, older children and teens such as high-school students with the right supervision and training experience,can gain an advantage from using plyo boxes.

How should you clean a plyo box?

A. The cleaning method depends on the materials of the plyo box, but you can wipe down the metal and foam boxes with a multipurpose cleaner or equipment cleaner. Wood plyo boxes can be a little more difficult to clean, particular with several different finish and wood types. You can also read the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer for plyo boxes.

How are plyo boxes different from step trainers?

A. Plyo boxes are meant for high-impact and intense activity, so they’re designed to withstand fairly heavy use, which is why most, if not all, plyo boxes are fairly stable. 

On the flip side, step trainers are typically used for medium-impact and low-impact workouts. These trainers have a modular design and are usually stable at lower heights, but it’s not out of the ordinary for a jumper to miss their mark on a step trainer and knock over a stacked setup, which can lead to injury.

Do you need to wear a particular type of sneakers when working out with plyo boxes?

A. Most athletes wear a pair of cross-training sneakers while working out with plyo boxes. But if you don’t have a pair of these, you can use your trail running shoes. Cross-training sneakers with moderate support and responsive cushioning are best for absorbing shock. In addition, they usually have a moderate and molded outsole to help stabilize the foot for safer landings.

What’s the best plyo box to buy?

Top plyo box

Sunny Health & Fitness Three-in-One Foam Plyometric Box

Sunny Health & Fitness Three-in-One Foam Plyometric Box

What you need to know: This plyo box from Sunny Health & Fitness is an excellent option for people who want something lower-impact.

What you’ll love: This plyo box is composed of heavy-duty foam and vinyl fabric to reduce or prevent tears. What’s more, the plyo box also has a grippy surface to reduce sliding and 28-inch, 24-inch and 20-inch sides.

What you should consider: The foam of the plyo box might slightly shift when you use it on tall heights.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top plyo box for the money

YES4ALL Three-in-One Wood Plyo Box

YES4ALL Three-in-One Wood Plyo Box

What you need to know: This wooden plyo box from YES4ALL is packed with plenty of features, and you can use it for different workouts.

What you’ll love: This plyo box comes with a steady and strong balancing structure, as well as three sides of differing heights, so you can mix up your exercise moves. The plyo box also features pre-drilled holes for quick and easy assembly.

What you should consider: This plyo box is slightly small, so you should order one size up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BalanceFrom Three-in-One Heavy-Duty Foam Plyometric Box

BalanceFrom Three-in-One Heavy-Duty Foam Plyometric Box

What you need to know: This anti-slip foam plyo box from BalanceFrom is perfect for softer landings and comes with different jump sizes.

What you’ll love: This plyo box features a 60-pound base with 30-inch, 24-inch and 20-inch heights as well as rounded edges and foam construction to reduce impact injuries. The plyo box has an anti-slip surface that allows you to take safe jumps whether or not you’re wearing athletic footwear.

What you should consider: The foam of this plyo box has a little too much give, particularly for heavier people.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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