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Which double hamper is best?

Finding a good double hamper can make a major difference, ultimately saving users time when laundry day comes around. Still, no matter how you use your double hamper, alongside a partner or simply to separate different colors, this tool is great for use around the house, so long as you have an idea of what kind of laundry basket you plan to get.

The Birdrock Home Oversized Double Hamper offers tons of internal space for laundry, and it features a durable woven exterior that holds up well to everyday wear and tears.

What to know before you buy a double hamper


Even those buying the best laundry hampers will need to think about what they need and where they want to put a double hamper before making their purchase. While double hampers are most commonly used for separating clothes for laundry, they may also be shared by two or more people to separate their dirty clothes or for something else entirely.

Laundry volume

The volume of a given laundry hamper will vary, especially for double hampers that are enclosed and can house various items. If you’re hoping for a double hamper that offers plenty of room for clothes, you might consider looking into an oversized or extra-large double hamper, while those hoping to save space may want to stick to the smaller end of the spectrum.

Lid vs. lidless

Most double hampers are premium enough products that include some kind of lid, while those on a budget may prefer to find models that don’t have a lid and simply cost less money. These can be particularly helpful for those whose clothes smell after working, exercising or other activities in preventing odor from spreading around the room. In addition, you can also find dual hamper baskets that come built into a shelf, in which the top end of the shelf may act as a lid instead of an actual one.

What to look for in a quality double hamper

Removable liner

Most mid-tier double hampers include a removable liner to make it easy to move and remove clothes to and from the laundry basket. This isn’t necessary for everyone, but the time saved in doing laundry for those who can remove their basket’s liner makes it worthwhile. On top of that, many users like washing the liner itself every since dirty clothes always surround it.


Like with other household products, you don’t want your laundry hamper breaking down after just months of use. To ensure it doesn’t, you’ll want to look into buying a sturdy double hamper for laundry that won’t break down under normal wear and tear.


While a double hamper’s style and design have little to nothing to do with its functionality, it’s still common for buyers to choose their preferred double hamper based on how it looks. You can find double hampers in various styles, materials and overall aesthetics, commonly coming with wicker or other handwoven materials or in fabrics like polyester, cotton and other blends.

How much you can expect to spend on a double hamper

Double hampers can vary in price depending on what kind of laundry basket you need. Cheap double hampers can cost as little as $11 without a lid, liner or other added features, though most find a double hamper they prefer $25-$300.

Double hamper FAQ

Do they make double hampers out of wicker materials?

A. Wicker is one of the most common materials used to make double hamper laundry baskets, largely due to its durability and style. Both are suitable for home use. In addition, double wicker hampers are still lightweight and easy to move around, like other hampers made from cheaper, less durable materials.

Are double hampers always used for laundry?

A. When you purchase a double hamper, you can honestly use it for whatever you like. However, double hampers are generally designed for laundry, despite sometimes being used for toy storage or other household uses.

What are the best double hampers to buy?

Top double hamper

Birdrock Home Oversized Double Hamper with Removable Liners

Birdrock Home Oversized Double Hamper with Removable Liners

What you need to know: This oversized double hamper is a simple, albeit a great laundry basket made from natural woven seagrass fiber, and it includes two removable, washable laundry liners.

What you’ll love: With convenient liners made from canvas, this double hamper includes two useful cut-out handles on either side, and it includes easily removable liners for simple laundry cycles. This double hamper is also available in either honey or espresso.

What you should consider: Some buyers who were also cat owners said their cats liked to scratch this hamper like a scratching post. This model is also more expensive than most other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top double hamper for money

Household Essentials Double Hamper Laundry Sorter

Household Essentials Double Hamper Laundry Sorter

What you need to know: For those on a budget, this simple double hamper includes a magnetic lid for keeping laundry in the basket, 

What you’ll love: Made from soft polyester linen, this dual hamper is light and includes reinforced handles for easy transport. This hamper can also come in brown, black gray or chevron designs, in either single or double hamper styles.

What you should consider: This hamper isn’t as durable as some other units.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Seville Classics Handwoven Double Hamper with Lid

Seville Classics Handwoven Double Hamper with Lid

What you need to know: Another great handwoven hamper style, this dual hamper comes at a more affordable price than many models, and it’s fairly sturdy for long-lasting use.

What you’ll love: Along with its simple, oval design, this laundry sorter is a great pick and will last a while with its polyethylene wicker material. This double hamper is also available in an oval or rectangular shape and in colors including mocha brown, brown, natural, gray and water hyacinth.

What you should consider: This hamper’s volume isn’t as large as some other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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