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Which dog cooling collars are best?

Dogs, like their owners, prefer temperatures that allow them to stay cool and comfortable. During hot summer months, it can be challenging to provide your pet with the outdoor exercise it needs and still keep them safe from overheating. One way to keep your companion refreshed is with the use of a cooling collar.

The ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Dog Ice Bandana keeps your dog happy with the power of cooling evaporation. It is simple to clean and can be recharged with an easy soak in fresh water.

What to know before you buy a dog cooling collar

Why cool your dog

Unlike humans, dogs are unable to sweat to cool off. They maintain their body temperature by panting and releasing heat through the pads on their feet as well as their nose. Because dogs are not physically able to cool themselves as efficiently and wear an insulated fur coat, they can very quickly succumb to heatstroke.

How dog cooling collars work

Dog cooling collars work by lowering your pet’s body temperature. A dog’s heart is located close to its neck. This makes it an efficient and effective part of their body to treat when it comes to temperature regulation. A cold collar pressed against a dog’s neck allows blood close to the surface of their skin to become cooled. It can then quickly circulate throughout the rest of their body.

Dog’s health and breed

Dogs that are overweight, or breeds with short noses, are especially vulnerable to overheating. If your dog is old or in poor health, it may likely be in its best interest to not be exposed to extreme heat or even play outdoors on warm days. Be sure to consult your veterinarian for advice regarding your pet’s health and their ability to safely experience hot conditions.

What to look for in a quality dog cooling collar

Cooling Method

Dog cooling collars use two basic means to lower your pet’s body temperature:

  • Evaporative cooling dog collars, usually in the form of bandanas, are soaked in water before being worn. As the water from the collar evaporates, it cools your pet. These types of cooling dog collars use the same principle as the bandanas and headbands worn by athletes and are made from cloth material. Because they cool via evaporation, these collars work best in dry weather.
  • Frozen dog cooling collars use either water or gel that has been placed in the freezer to keep your pet cool. These models use ice packs similar to what you would use to keep your food cold in a lunch box. They work great in both dry and humid weather, but require access to a freezer to work and be refreshed. They are also heavier and bulkier than evaporative options, often made of plastic.


Select a dog cooling collar that will fit your pet appropriately. Many types of cooling collars can be bulkier and heavier than what your dog is used to. The proper fit will ensure that your pet remains comfortable and doesn’t become distracted with efforts to remove the collar. Most collars are available in various sizes, making it easy to find one for your dog.


Select a dog cooling collar that can be easily cleaned. Many evaporative dog cooling collars can be machine washed and dried. Those made of plastic can be easily wiped off if they get dirty. Avoid dog cooling collars that have nooks and crannies that can be difficult to keep grass and dirt out of. 


Choose the lightest cooling collar you can find to minimize discomfort for your pet. Collars that include ice packs will naturally be heavier than those that use evaporation to cool your dog. Consider your dog’s level of activity, the weather they will encounter and their ability to tolerate wetness, collars and accessories while looking for the right model for your pet.

How much you can expect to spend on a dog cooling collar

Dog cooling collars can cost as little as $9 or as much as $25 depending on material and configuration. Evaporative collars are generally less expensive.

Dog cooling collar FAQ

Can I leave my dog in my car using a cooling collar?

A. No. The effectiveness of a cooling collar is no match for the high temperatures your pet will experience while in a hot car. Leaving your pet in your car on a hot day is illegal in many areas and can result in the death of your pet in a very short amount of time.

Can I use a cooling collar with a cooling vest?

A. Yes. Cooling collars can be used along with a cooling vest or harness to better ensure your pet’s safety on hot days.

How long do cooling collars remain effective?

A. It depends on weather conditions, the size of your pet and the thickness of your dog’s coat. Evaporative collars generally need to be soaked and refreshed more frequently than frozen models, although this too can vary depending on a variety of external factors. Keep a close watch on your pet’s cooling collar to make sure that it is working as needed. Always provide your pet with a source of cool drinking water while outdoors.

What’s the best dog cooling collar to buy?

Top dog cooling collar

ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Dog Ice Bandana

ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Dog Ice Bandana

What you need to know: Large and easy to use, this bandana cools your dog with evaporation.

What you’ll love: Available in three sizes, this collar can be soaked and then put in the refrigerator to further enhance its cooling ability. Specially designed to retain water for long periods, this collar is lightweight and easy to clean.

What you should consider: Some dogs may not like the material that this collar is made from. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top dog cooling dog collar for the money

Novel Brands K9 Chill Dog Cooling Collar

Novel Brands K9 Chill Dog Cooling Collar

What you need to know: Affordable and easy to pack and store, this evaporative collar is available in two sizes.

What you’ll love: This cooling collar is machine washable and has a hole built into it to accommodate a leash for walks during hot weather.

What you should consider: Athletic dogs may cause this collar to bunch up while playing. Some users feel that the cooling properties don’t last as long as they would like.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Stock Show Dog Cooling Bandana

Stock Show Dog Cooling Bandana

What you need to know: This collar uses freezable ice packs to apply cold directly to your pet’s neck.

What you’ll love: Replaceable ice packs allow for lower temperatures than alternative models. This one-size-fits-all, adjustable collar is available in seven fun patterns and is hand washable.  

What you should consider: This can be hard to fit over the heads of large dogs, as it is all one piece and uses elastic for sizing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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