YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown State University confirmed that some of its football players failed the NCAA’s testing requirements. The university did not specify which tests and how many players were affected. It was notified by the NCAA this week about the failed tests.

Sources told WKBN earlier this week that four to five players are being suspended. The National Collegiate Athletic Association said it regularly tests football players for performance-enhancing and illicit street drugs. The penalty for testing positive for street drugs is withholding 50 percent of the season. If a student-athlete tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs, they face a one-year suspension.

The NCAA says it does not disclose students’ drug-testing results.

WKBN confirmed that another player, Martin Ruiz, was disciplined for last week’s game under YSU rules for an arrest in Tallmadge. He has been charged with illegally carrying a gun.

YSU can only dress 60 players for Saturday’s semifinal game against Eastern Washington. The university is taking 62 players, in case someone gets injured in warm-ups or gets sick.

None of those will be suspended players.

YSU Coach Bo Pelini refused to answer questions about the suspensions, saying he never comments on player discipline.

“If there’s discipline… I don’t talk about it. I protect our kids,” he said during his weekly press conference.

YSU hasn’t released its roster for Saturday’s game yet. The university has to give a list of its players Friday night to the NCAA, but that information isn’t public.

The university’s sports information department says it’s still deciding when and if to release the names of the suspended players.