YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown State announced Monday that its campus bookstore is partnering with Barnes & Noble College.

YSU President Jim Tressel delivered the news, saying the university is following a government mandate given to all colleges to find ways to operate more efficiently.

After putting together a committee, members recommended hiring Barnes & Noble to run the bookstore as a cost-cutting measure. The national chain already runs 751 campus bookstores, so YSU thinks they will be in good hands.

“We always talk about the fact that you are who you associate with, and we couldn’t be happier than bringing the association of Barnes & Noble to our campus,” Tressel said. “Everyone knows the name, everyone gets excited about the things that can come down the line.”

There is a possibility that the university bookstore, which is now located inside Kilcawley Center, could eventually become a standalone store with a café on Fifth Avenue.

The former YSU Bookstore was managed by the university in the past.

“We believe that Barnes & Noble College will serve to enhance the visibility of the bookstore on campus and improve the book-buying experience of our students,” McNally said.

Barnes & Noble College will offer several new features for students, including a mobile app and textbook price match comparison.