YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The sixth attempt to pass a Community Bill of Rights, aimed at banning hydraulic fracturing in the city of Youngstown, has failed.

Fifty-five percent of voters voted against the levy.

The Community Bill of Rights has been defeated five times previously since 2013. The charter amendment was placed on the ballot by FrackFree Mahoning Valley, a group that is opposed to fracking and injection wells, and would have banned most oil and gas activity.

“This is obviously a huge blow to activist groups like FrackFree and CELDF that have tried and failed to get these measures passed six times now. Youngstown voters have soundly rejected their anti-fracking ideologies yet have had to foot the bill to the tune of $95,000,” said Jackie Steward, state director of Energy in Depth, the grassroots arm of the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

Opponents of the proposal questioned whether the Community Bill of Rights is even constitutional. They said the job of regulating fracking falls with the state, not the city.

Opponents included members of the Mahoning County Democratic Party, Youngstown Mayor John McNally and the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber.

Past Community Bill of Rights voting results:

May 2013:

2912 FOR, 3837 AGAINST


4831 FOR, 5824 AGAINST

May 2014

3128 FOR, 3691 AGAINST

November 2014:

5373 FOR, 7323 AGAINST

November 2015:

5862 FOR, 6151 AGAINSTView election resultsRead election stories