Youngstown State grad now lives 20 mins. away from Calif. wildfires


ROHNERT PARK, Calif. (WKBN) – A woman from McDonald has seen firsthand the devastation caused by the wildfires in Northern California.

Cassandra Kosovec, 24, is a YSU graduate who now lives in Rohnert Park, about 20 minutes from Santa Rosa.

She is also about 20 minutes from a new fire that’s started, forcing people to evacuate.

Kosovec said it’s unlike anything she’s ever seen.

“Ohio native living in Ohio, to experience something like this is completely crazy. They were all getting ready to go back to their homes and there’s nothing left. Stuff is still smoking.”

She works at a dog kennel and said earlier on Tuesday, they were making evacuation plans just in case.

Fifteen people have died in the fires and about 2,000 houses and buildings have been destroyed.


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