Youngstown forum brings up tough issues facing the black community


On Wednesday, Service Employees International Union — or SEIU District 1199 — held a forum to talk about deep-rooted issues facing the black community.

Issues such as police brutality, kneeling for the flag and voter suppression — all topics that are tough to talk about, even in the black community. Issues SEIU District 1199 is ready to tackle.

“First, we have to do voter education. Continue to do voter education, continue to build the black community — especially African Americans — continue to give them hope, continue to let them know there are better days but we’ve also got to be resilient. We’ve got to embrace one another,” said Samara Knight, an organizer.

They have this forum each year in Cleveland, Youngstown and Toledo.

For Black History Month, First News will be presenting a Hidden History special. It’s going to air on FOX Youngstown at 10:30 p.m. Saturday, February 23 and at noon Sunday, February 24.

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