Youngstown family thankful everyone is safe after fire next door


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – From the inside, the house of Hector Colon’s parents looks like any other festive home during the holidays.

The outside will need some work, however.

His parent’s house on S. Garland Avenue has smoke damage after the vacant house next door caught fire on Saturday evening. The fire melted off a side panel on the home and put a hole in the roof.

Colon said when he arrived on the scene, he was worried that his parent’s home would have to be torn down. The responding fire crew had an issue with the fire hydrant nearby, and they had to use a hydrant from the other area.

He said luckily, his parents are alive and their home is still standing.

“All I can say, that was just a miracle from God, because if someone would have seen the house and how close it was, and you walk in my parent’s house, you wouldn’t believe that that happened,” he said.

Colon considers his family lucky, but this wasn’t the first time that he has had issues with the vacant property.

“I was concerned that this could happen with people dumping tires, trash, um, just rodents,” he said. “I was very concerned about that, and I addressed it to the mayor’s office a few times, and I was just told it was on the demolition list and I had to wait.”

Colon said he has a long repair process before the home is back to normal.


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