‘What’s a kid supposed to do when his parent’s in prison for 23 to life,’ Ripple effects of Youngstown’s gun violence

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When gun violence ripples through a community for years, it can have long lasting effects

Often, when you see outrage or protests against gun violence or gun laws, it’s after some sort of mass shooting. But, what about when gun violence ripples through a community for years? 

Early Sunday morning, 33-year-old Reshaud Biggs was found in a car with a gunshot wound. He later died. 

He is just one of many who have fallen victim to gun violence in Youngstown.

“It has the same impact over a longer period of time as a mass shooting has. It doesn’t have the national and international effects. There aren’t people on CNN talking about us, so we have to make sure that we are mindful ourselves, ” said Youngstown City Law Director Jeff Limbian. 

Limbian says so far this year, there have been 12 homicides in Youngstown. That’s 12 too many, he says. 

“I know a lot of people who are either the parents or the children of people who were shot or are in prison because of a shooting, far too many people,” he said.

Limbian says gun violence doesn’t just affect the victims and their families but the reputation of a community as well. It can prevent businesses from moving in and families from buying homes. 

The children, though, may suffer the most. 

“What is a kid supposed to do when his parent is in prison for 23 to life, or life without parole, or sitting waiting for the chair? I mean, that has a profound effect as well. So, both sides have children, and once again, it’s that ripple effect. One thing has an impact on so many different people and components,” Limbian said.

He does feel that the city is making progress and working toward putting an end to gun violence. He credits the teachers who put in extra time with the children, the police and detectives who fight the crime daily, as well as community members who take a stand against the violence.

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