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What wild temperatures mean for the immune system


SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – This year, the cold and flu season has hit harder than usual across the region.

A cold December and a cold March with two mild months in-between has led to some variable temperatures, causing people to wonder if the weather is playing a factor into the increase in sicknesses.

According to experts, this drastic change in moisture, pressure and temperature does play a role in viruses.

“When it’s steady-type of cold, we see less,” said Doctor Mike Sevilla of Salem Family Practice. “When it does fluctuate — when it does have these roller coaster-type temperatures — we tend to see a lot more infections and we do see more allergy-type symptoms too.

“And sometimes those cause infections. This spring time of year is really tough. I have patients that have been sick for weeks.”

The warmer weather brings an early allergy season. But a Yale University study finds the switch back to cold temperatures means more viruses.

The roller coaster weather has people staying cooped up inside during the cold and then heading outside to enjoy nice weather.

This can mess with your body. But Sevilla has tips for how to beat a sickness.

“Do things like exercise regularly, get enough sleep, have a healthy diet, get enough hydration,” he said. “Those are great preventative things.”


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