President Trump speaks on mass shootings


(WKBN/AP) – President Trump spoke from the White House regarding the mass shootings. The shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, left 29 people dead and dozens wounded. He called the shootings “barbaric slaughters.”

The press conference began around 10:03 a.m. and ended around 10:17.

He said the El Paso mass shooter was consumed ‘by racist hate,’ and the nation must ‘condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.’

Trump condemned mass shootings, says ‘mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger’ but ‘not the gun.’

He urged Democrats and Republicans to set aside partisanship and find solutions to violence.

President Donald Trump says Washington “must come together” in the wake of two mass shootings this weekend to “get strong background checks” for gun users. But he is providing no details on what sort of legislation he would support.

Trump, who will make remarks later Monday, tweeted about the weekend shootings in Texas and Ohio that left 29 dead and dozens wounded. He said: “We can never forget them, and those many who came before them.”

The Democrat-led House has passed a gun control bill that includes fixes to the nation’s firearm background check system, but it has languished in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Trump suggested Monday that a background check bill could be paired with his long-sought effort to toughen the nation’s immigration system. But he didn’t say how.

He called for the death penalty for those convicted of hate crime mass murders — adding death penalties should be delivered quickly.

There was another mass shooting in California on July 28.

Before the press conference Monday, Trump made remarks over Twitter in response to the shootings.

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