Democrats propose ways to oversee Trump administration’s response to COVID-19

Washington DC

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) – House Democrats in Washington have now proposed a variety of ways to oversee how the Trump Administration handles the coronavirus response. 

They want to review the response to the coronavirus from start to finish.

“Let’s hold everybody accountable for decisions that are made in the here and now,” Nancy Pelosi said. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for a new subcommittee on the coronavirus.

She says it would make sure, in real time, every penny of the $2-trillion stimulus package and all future coronavirus funding is spent properly. 

“And the best way to do that is through transparency and accountability,” Pelosi said. 

But Speaker Pelosi says the new subcommittee will also review the Trump administration’s preparedness in the months leading up to the virus’ outbreak.

“Anything that affects this many people, we really do have to subject to an after-action review,” Pelosi said.

Separately, Congressman Adam Schiff is proposing a focused review commission. 

“The commission would, much like the 9/11 commission, be able to subpoena witnesses and documents,” Representative Adam Schiff, D-California, said. 

And like the 9/11 commission, Schiff says its work would be bipartisan.

“That looks back in an objective way and says, what did we get right? What did we get wrong? Why were we so ill prepared?” Schiff said. 

“Our focus right now should be on the health of the American public,” Representative Kevin McCarthy, R-California, said. 

But Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says both measures are really an attempt  to politicize the crisis. 

“Everything we’ve done before seemed to be bipartisan. This does not,” McCarthy said. 

McCarthy says Republicans support oversight but says it should be left to the house oversight committee.

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