WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nexstar) — Senate Republicans say President Joe Biden’s border policies aren’t working and are worsening the situation at the southern border. Some Democrats have also expressed concerns.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn says Biden has failed to secure the border. He and other Republican lawmakers are now pressuring Congress to pass legislation that would include sending resources to help Border Patrol agents detain and process migrants more quickly.

The administration is not enforcing the law,” said Cornyn. “They are engaging or embracing policies that actually actively encourage more illegal immigration.”

Some of the concerns are bipartisan, with some Democrats saying they’re not happy with how the administration handled the sure of Haitian migrants last month.

In a Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez asked Pres. Biden’s nominee for Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection how he’ll address future surges.

“What will you do in your role as Commissioner to address these operational missteps?” asked Menendez.

“I think we can always do better,” answered Arizona Police Chief and CBP Commissioner nominee Chris Magnus. “Perhaps being more prepared working with other federal agencies working with state and local agencies.”

Menendez says he also wants Congress to address immigration. He says Democrats are pushing for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants in their budget reconciliation bill.