WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Warren’s road crews have been out around the clock since Sunday clearing the roads of snow. Still, some residents say they would have liked to see plows get to the secondary roads sooner.

The secondary streets are looking much better on Wednesday but one woman who lives on Scott Street says she’d like to see changes made before the next storm.

Lorrie Paxman says her street was plowed for the first time late Tuesday night.

“Not one time did any plows come through for three days,” she said.

Director of Public Safety and Service Eddie Colbert says he understands her frustration and those from other residents in the city too.

“We wanted the roads done faster as well but when you get a double-digit fall like you did with this heavy snow, it does take a little while to get these streets done,” he said.

“You have to give us time. We have the main roads we have to do when it’s snowing 1 inch to 2 inches an hour. There’s a lot of times we’ll have to go back and do those main roads two or three times before we can get an opportunity to go into the secondary, into the residential streets,” said Frank Tempesta, superintendent of the Operations Department.

The city’s Operations Department only has 20 employees who have been working in two 12 hour shifts since Sunday to clear 186 lane miles in the city. All while overcoming some obstacles, including trucks needing repairs during the aftermath of the storm.

“With the people that we have and the equipment that we have, I think the guys have done a very good job,” Tempesta said.

“I know 24 hours for a storm like this is not reachable because there was a lot of snow at one time, but four days? We need a better response time than that,” said 5th Ward councilwoman Ashley Miner.

Miner has some questions she’d like answered. So, she has called a meeting for Thursday at 3 p.m. in council chambers to talk about snow removal from city streets.

“I just want to see how we can help operations so this way, this situation doesn’t happen again,” she said.