Opposers to historic home demo in Warren have until early March for counterproposal

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The owner wants to make it into a parking lot for the Packard House Apartments next door

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A historic home in Warren could be torn down as it is in need of major repairs and has been vandalized for some time. The owner wants to make it into a parking lot for the Packard House Apartments next door.

The house and apartment complex are on N. Park Avenue.

The apartments were bought by a man in Stark County who plans to remodel them into 16 apartments for historic restoration. He also wants the house next door to be torn down for a parking lot.

“Given the circumstances, the application for the demolition of the house indicated it had been vandalized and all the historic architectural features had been removed,” said Anthony Iannucci, executive director of Warren Redevelopment.

The owner has received grants for the apartments and when he presented the city with tearing down the house, they felt it was the best option.

“Our board looked at it from an economic standpoint and it would be very difficult to restore that house to any kind of economic feasibility,” Iannucci said.

Right now, the house sits with a chain-link fence around it along with a giant sign to let the public know about the plans. Warren Redevelopment has to let the public know 30 days in advance beforehand.

“I suppose, in this case, if somebody wanted to come up and say they wanted to buy the house and put a couple of hundred thousand dollars in to restore it, the owner might consider that too,” Iannucci said.

If no other plans are presented, the owner may move forward to get a demolition permit. The hope is the Packard Apartments can help bring more activity to that area.

Iannucci does understand the historic home lovers’ feelings though.

“Obviously, we, I personally would, and our organization would, prefer to have historic homes preserved. You can’t divorce that from the economics of a situation,” Iannucci said.

Anyone interested in making a proposal for the house has until early March to call Warren Redevelopment.

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