WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – People who live on Pershing Avenue in Warren are fed up with the trash that’s always being dumped at the end of their street.

It was the same scene again Tuesday. Under a fresh blanket of snow, a pile of trash peeked through, filled with mattresses, jeans, a laundry basket and even an old Christmas tree.

Linda Davis lives on Pershing Avenue and said she’s tired of people using the area as a garbage dump.

“It’s disgusting. It looks like it’s from a rental property or something that a landlord cleaned out and it’s stuff people left behind.”

Neighbors say once the mess is cleaned up, it’s almost like a never-ending cycle because someone will come back and throw away more trash.

Matt Martin, executive director of the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, said a major cleanup was done in October. Nearly 100 tires were taken away, along with piles of trash. But hours later, someone came back and dumped some more trash.

Safety Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa said it is an ongoing problem.

“We want to stamp it out completely and prosecute those that are doing it and send a message, not just on Pershing where there is an immediate need but citywide. We don’t want it in the city, period.”

Davis said she would like to see the city close the road to stop the trash dumping for good.