SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – Students at Sharon Middle School were visited by Google representatives Monday morning to learn new ways to stay safe online.

U.S. Representative Mike Kelly teamed up with the company for its Online Safety Roadshow, which enforces the importance of being a responsible technology user.

The roadshow is an educational program aimed at middle school students across the country.

During each presentation, Google representatives talk to students in a very real and authentic way. They talk about how they want to be treated on social media and how they should treat others on the Internet. The students are given practical tips and skills they can go home with and start to use right away.

The 45-minute presentation of games and talks covers five essential tips on how students can keep themselves and others protected:

  1. Think before you share
  2. Protect your stuff
  3. Know and use your settings
  4. Avoid scams
  5. Be positive

Jamie Hill, a Google representative, says it’s especially important for children of this age to know how to be safe.

“So it might be that time when they’re getting their first cell phone. We’re also seeing a larger role that technology is playing in the classroom, which is wonderful, but we really want them to have those resources early on,” Hill said.

The program was created in partnership with National Association of Secondary School Principals and iKeepSafe.