(WKBN) – Ohio Senator Rob Portman says he’s pleased with what’s being done to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian invaders but thinks a lot more is needed.

As shelling continues against Ukrainian cities and towns, Portman says he’s glad to see the U.S. sending another $800 million in military supplies and equipment, but some in Congress have suggested American troops may eventually need to be deployed.

Portman says that’s not necessary with the right kind of help.

“From countries like Poland, Romania, Slovakia, where they have Patriot missile batteries, actually put in place a safety zone, a humanitarian safety zone. We can do it without putting a single boot on the ground,” he said.

Portman warns U.S. allies need to do more to stop Russia from selling oil and natural gas to western Europe, cutting off a major source of funding for the Russian war effort.

The Senator made the comments while visiting the Valley Friday to discuss funding for local infrastructure projects.