WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Hundreds of homes in Warren have met the bulldozer, but community organizations have found ways to find hidden treasure from old wrecks.

That could mean some big savings for other people.

Before condemned homes get bulldozed, the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) tries to get every penny of value out first.

TNP workers are taught building skills – first through demolition, then through remodeling.

They salvage usable materials out of the homes — things like light fixtures, fireplaces, hardwood floors and even staircases. All of these can be taken out and sold for re-use.

Salvagers are earning money and learning a trade.

“They can learn lots of different things and either take those skills and run with them on their own, or they have a good amount of training they can use to get themselves into another job,” Abbott said.

The goal of the program is to give young people a paying job while they learn valuable skills. People who finish the program can either go to work for construction and renovation companies or set up their own business.

People in Trumbull County benefit, too.

“It does pull material out of the landfill, which is sort of a values thing for us, which we think is important, and it also affords us the ability to turn them over to other homeowners for their properties cheaply,” said TNP Executive Director Matt

Antique curios sell for less than $50. Expensive sinks that sell for hundreds in the store are listed at a tenth of the price.

TNP also has slates, wood siding, trim and interior doors and windows.

Because TNP is moving to a new headquarters, they don’t want to move any of the salvaged goods to the new warehouse. That means it all has to go – as quickly as possible.

A salvage sale is being held online. You can find available items on the organization’s Facebook page for the Salvage Sale.