WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) makes strides every year in revitalizing the city of Warren and this past year proved to be a successful one, especially with a new program that created jobs in the city.

Through grant funds TNP was able to hire workers to help with their Building a Better Warren program, creating eight full-time positions.TNP 2016 ANNUAL REPORT

The new positions are designed to train workers to help with renovating properties and prepping structures for demolition.

“Going in and harvesting, salvaging all the materials that are useful. Doing greening insulation after a demolition and doing the maintenance that comes with owning a lot of vacant lots, mowing, trimming, whatever else,” said Matt Martin, Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership.

Experienced contractors will be training the new hires.

Warren City Councilman John Brown said the group has turned dilapidated homes and eyesores to useable property and in turn bringing more people back into the city.

“There are homes that are abandoned through foreclosure in ’08 when everything bottomed out, and they went in and cleaned the houses, put them back on the market, rehabilitated houses and have people living in them instead of vacant lots that have to be torn down,” Brown said.

Brown said the group has a grasp of what needs to be done in the city and where the bulk of the work needs to happen. They’re helping to beautify the area and repopulate it with active citizens.