Trumbull Co. neighborhoods keep traditions alive with ‘turkey bowls’


TRUMBULL CO., Ohio (WKBN) – Thanksgiving is about being thankful — thankful of the opportunity for the old men in the family to beat the younger neighborhood kids in football.

There were plenty of “turkey bowls” going on throughout the Valley Thursday.

One of those games was held at the Mathews High School football field in Vienna. It was a battle of the young men versus the old.

“Age and treachery always win over youth and inexperience,” said Jeff File, an alumnus of Mathews High.

But, the day isn’t all about walking home with pride or keeping score, it’s about keeping track of the people who you’re with.

“They know how much it means. You can see that we got a pretty decent crowd,” File said. “Hopefully in the next few years I can pass it on to these guys and they’ll keep it going.”

No matter where the game was or who was playing, the day was all about the community coming together.

Down the road in Howland, another turkey bowl was being held in a resident’s backyard, where neighborhood kids took on their dads.

“It’s been a tradition forever and ever, and all of my friends and neighbors here enjoy doing it,” said Ken Lasko.

Lasko is a guidance counselor at Howland Elementary School. He’s hosted the annual football game in his backyard for 25 years now and says many relationships have been built because of it.

“Family is the key. For anything you can do with your family, I think it adds to the community, the schools, your job and everything else,” Lasko said.


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