The Great American Smokeout: National intervention encourages smokers to quit


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Every year on the third Thursday in November, smokers across the country take part in an intervention known as the Great American Smokeout.

It’s the American Cancer Society’s way of getting people to stop smoking by using this date to quit or at least starting a plan to quit.

Dr. Mike Sevilla from the Family Practice Center of Salem is encouraging people to quit smoking in honor of this year’s event on Nov. 16. Of course, he encourages people to quit smoking for life, not just once a year on this date.

The American Cancer Society’s website offers great resources, including the following information, that Dr. Sevilla outlines for you.

Preparing for your Quit Day:

  • Pick a date and mark it on your calendar
  • Tell friends and family about your Quit Day
  • Get rid of all your cigarettes
  • Practice saying, “No thank you, I don’t smoke.”
  • Set up a support system

What to do on your Quit Day:

  • Avoid situations and people associated with smoking
  • Stay busy — try walking or other activities and hobbies
  • Change your routine — try taking a different route to work
  • Drink plenty of water and no alcohol
  • Do not smoke — not even one puff

To learn more about what Dr. Sevilla has to say about the Great American Smokeout, take a look at his blog.


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