The dust settles on XFL Week 1, looking at Week 2


There were rule changes and live audio letting you hear the coaches talk to their quarterback

(WTAJ) — The re-debut of the XFL had a lot of buzz and a lot of people expected that eyes would be on it just to see what exactly the XFL was going to be.

There were rule changes and live audio letting you hear the coaches talk to their quarterback.

Former PSU quarterback Matt McGloin took center stage with the New York Guardians in what many are calling the game of the weekend. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the Houston Roughnecks played against the LA Wildcats.

McGloin, along with Houston’s QB (Philip) P.J. Walker, showed the world that the NFL isn’t the only place to find top talent.

Temple product P.J. Walker threw for a league-high 272 yards, four touchdowns and one interception in the Houston Roughnecks’ 37-17 win over the Los Angeles Wildcats.

A tip of the cap to XFL Statistics for these stats:

Houston Roughnecks 

Record: 1-0 (T-1st) 
Total offense: 315 yards (3rd) 
Total defense: 291 yards (3rd) 
Point differential: +20 (T-1st)

St. Louis BattleHawks 

Record: 1-0 (T-1st) 
Total offense: 374 yards (2nd) 
Total defense: 267 yards (2nd) 
Point differential : +6 (4th)

D.C. Defenders

Record: 1-0 (T-1st) 
Total offense: 295 yards (5th) 
Total defense: 310 yards (5th) 
Point differential: +12 (3rd)

New York Guardians 

Record: 1-0 (T-1st) 
Total offense: 226 yards (8th) 
Total defense: 394 yards (8th) 
Point differential: +20 (T-1st)

Tampa Bay Vipers

Record: 0-1 (T-5th) 
Total offense: 394 yards (1st) 
Total defense: 226 yards (1st) 
Point differential: -20 (T-7th)

Seattle Dragons

Record: 0-1 (T-5th) 
Total offense: 310 yards (4th) 
Total defense: 295 yards (4th) 
Point differential: -12 (6th)

Dallas Renegades 

Record: 0-1 (T-5th) 
Total offense: 267 yards (7th) 
Total defense: 374 yards (7th) 
Point differential: -6 (5th)

Los Angeles Wildcats 

Record: 0-1 (T-5th) 
Total offense: 291 yards (6th) 
Total defense: 315 yards (6th) 
Point differential: -20 (T-7th)

Turnovers, penalties, negative plays and general miscues are the type of things that make casual fans lose interest quickly. Granted, every team needs a few weeks to work out the kinks and maybe not every team is going to have a great quarterback.

Understanding those things are prerequisite to enjoying this league, and give the XFL this: the product is further ahead in Week 1 than what many expected it would be.

Now, the dust has settled, and everyone gave rave reviews about the weekend, a gray cloud began to form. Uncertainty had to raise its voice because for all the good the XFL gave us, people had to start to ask: “Can they do it for 9 more weeks? Can they keep it up for week 2?”

With the Guardians and the Roughnecks becoming fan favorites, both teams will have a chance to showcase what they have in Week 2. McGloin and The Guardians will go head to head against the DC Defenders, home of former PSU receiver DeAndre Thompkins. The Roughnecks will take on the St. Louis Battlehawks. Two games that, based on week 1, should be thoroughly enjoyable.

With all the new rules and changes though, one thing week 1 didn’t see was Overtime, something that a lot of fans seem to be curious about. Basically, each team gets 5 plays to score from the 5-yard line. Will we get to see it all play out in week 2?

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