Teen says she was raped by East High boy at Canfield Fairgrounds

After an East High School student charged with rape played in a junior varsity basketball game at Ursuline High School, a teenage girl is speaking out, talking about the boy who she said assaulted her. 

The 15-year-old girl, whose identity we’re concealing, said she wants to make sure that this doesn’t happen to another victim. She said she felt compelled to speak out after the boy violated the terms of his house arrest, playing in the basketball game while wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. 

The boy has since been arrested and is now in the Juvenile Justice Center for violating the terms of his house arrest contract. 

The alleged victim said the 16-year-old boy worked with her at the Canfield Fairgrounds where she said the rape occurred. She said what started off as kissing quickly moved to sexual assault, which she tried to stop.

Watch the video above for her interview. 

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