Teen gets public punishment for smoking pot


CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – A Campbell father, inspired by social media, tried to teach his son a lesson with an unusual punishment on Thursday.

David Lightbody, 16, had to stand outside with a sign that read “My name is Dave. I’m 16. I lie, smoke weed and steal.” It all started last week when a kid told David’s dad he owed him money for pot.

He saw the idea on Facebook and decided it was worth a shot. He spray painted a piece of plywood and made his son stand on Gladstone Street for an hour to think about what he did.

“Yeah, I think it was really stupid what I did. And that you shouldn’t really smoke weed and stuff like that,” Lightbody said.

“No I haven’t seen nothing yet that taught him a lesson. He’s really hard headed. He’s just, like a rock,” family friend George Yurjevich said.

Lightbody said Campbell police even drove by, read the sign and told him to stop smoking weed.

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