WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — Almost one million Ohioans have taken the state’s new tax quiz to prevent fraud, but it is still tripping some people up.

According to the Associated Press, Ohio’s Department of Taxation has had to tweak some of its personal questions. Many people had trouble answering questions that were too obscure, or they were about things that occurred many years ago.

Tax preparers said many people have come in asking for help on the fraud-prevention questions. One said tax filers need to be prepared for them to come in the mail.

“If you have questions, if you have doubts, contact either the state or a professional tax preparer. We can let you know if it is a legitimate request for information,” said Liberty Tax Mutual employee Vincent Flask.

Ohio’s tax commissioner, Joe Testa, said 98 percent of people asked to take the fraud prevention quiz have passed it. Returns get processed if you answer three of the four questions correctly.If they fail again, they must produce a driver’s license, birth certificate or other documentation to prove their identity.The Associated Press contributed to this story.